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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Best of the West - Various Artists
Part One

Some time ago I received an email from Joshua Brill from
Stamp the Wax.
He asked me to make a compilation of West African music
for his webzine and so I did. I picked some of the finest
Ghanaian highlifes available, off course I am posting it for
you as well. Get it & spread it as usual, enjoy..

Off course Ghana is just one country, Ngoni is right about that.
comps with highlights from the other West African countries
will follow..


 1   Ashanti Brothers Band - Kill me and fly
 2   African Brothers Band - Yaa amanua 2
 3   Master Bob Akwaboah - Mame
 4   Lucky Boys International Band of Ghana - Afua nyama saman pa
 5   Dr. Paa Bobo International Band of Ghana - Ehye wo bo
 6   Okukuseku International Band of Ghana - Any trouble
 7   City Boys Band - Nya asem hwe
 8   Kyeremateng Atwede & Kyeremateng Stars - Su su ka
 9   King Onyina - Akwantu mu nsem
10  Nana Ampadu's African Brothers Band International - Aketenkye
11  K.K.'s No. 2 - Tua na woho nkom
12  Opambuo Intenational Band of Ghana - Hu anim ase nkyene

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

22 Tracks about Football - Various Artists

Speaking of football, or soccer, whatever you prefer, I decided
to make a collector about it. It begins with a track from a cd
full of 78's collected by John Peel's wife. Nice old song, in the
middle we have two African songs, one Colombian and another
oldie with the Marx Brothers. On no.13 we have a track sung by
no one less than Pelé, with Sergio Mendes and on 20 a quite bad
Dutch caranaval song by our own Johan Cruyff, you wont believe
your ears. Most songs are Brazillian and about the famous Rio-club
Flamengo or Pelé, get it & spread it...


1   Albert Whelan - Pass! shoot!! goal!!!
 2   João Nogueira e Outros - Hino de flamengo
 3   Gasolina - E o juíz apitou
 4   João Nogueira - Samba rubro-negra
 5   Bezerra da Silva - Flamengo e mangueira
 6   Hélio Nascimento - Continuo a ser flamengo
 7   Varias crianças - Falando sobre futbol
 8   Luiz Wanderley - Rei pelé
 9   Pepé Kallé - Roger mila
10  Johnny Bokelo - A.s. biliman
11  Los Teenagers - Pachanga del futbol
12  The Marx Brothers - Professor wagstaff presents the football game ( Groucho )
13  Sergio Mendes e Pelé - Meu mundo é uma bola
14  Wilson Simonal - Obrigado pelé
15  Jackson do Pandeiro - O rei pelé
16  Grupo Fundo de Quintal - Sou flamengo, cacique e mangueira
17  Tim Maia - Flamengo
18  Gilberto Gil e Germano Mathias - Samba rubro-negro
19  Lonnie Donegan - World cup willie
20  Johan Cruyff - Oei oei oei ( dat was me weer een loei )
21  Gringo da Parada - Mengoooo
22  Torcedores de flamengo – Mengoo

22 Tracks about Football

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Greatest Squeezebox Recordings vol.1
- Various Artists

I have been thinking to do this for a long time, now finally
rounded up a compilation of accordeon music. It goes from
Rumania to Puerto Rico and from the Netherlands to Brazil.
The sound of Squeezeboxes warms us people all around the
world, let's see how many countries we've got here. I gave you
four already.. If you want to listen, you know the drill, don't
wait too long now, no re-ups..


 1   Romica Puceanu & the Gore Brothers - Balanus
 2   Juancho Polo Valencia - El carro ford
 3   Camille Feruzi - Lingale
 4   Clifton Chenier - Tu le ton son ton
 5   Alberto Beltrán - Caña brava
 6   Francisco Ulloa - La tijera
 7   Angel Luis Torruellas - Magnolia
 8   Genival Lacerda - O homem que tinha trés pontinhos
 9   Luiz Gonzaga - Saudade de pernambuco
10  Tante Leen - Aan de Amsterdamse grachten
11  Puseletso Seema & Tau ea Linare - Leshano
12  Senang Beru Ginting & Syaiful Amri Nasution - Menang juara
13  Noca do Acordeon - Saudade de um pau de arara
14  Chiquinho do Acordeon - Samba triste
15  Anibal Velasquez - El aji picante
16  Gus Viseur & son Orchestre - I've got rhythm
17  Angel Viloria y su Conjunto Cibaeño - Macario y felipa
18  I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spots - Salome
19  Luis Kalaff - Mi negocio es con las mujeres
20  Isidoro Flores - Mi negrita
21  Baltazar Carrero - Enfermo del bolsillo
22  Emilio Oviedo - Yolanda
23  Andrés Landero - Virgen de la candelaria

Greatest Squeezebox Recordings

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Reggae Monster Originals vol.5 - Various Artists

Okay groovers, I finished uploading another ten compilations.
You may find them at the bottom of that huge previous post
with all dem other re-ups. I guess we had more or less the
whole bunch now. Scroll down and take a peak, lots of goo-
dies waiting. About this one, recently I had to play a reggae
set at a friends party and decided to make it the number five
in our 'Reggae Monster Originals' series. It contains tracks
from various artists that I found on lp and cd. Let's see if
Zippyshare leaves them untouched. Have fun listening..


 1   Lee Perry & the Upsetters - Run for cover
 2   Horace Andy - Mammie blue
 3   Junior Byles - Demonstration
 4   Larry Mashall - Run babylon
 5   Max Romeo - Tacko
 6   Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Favorite dish
 7   Errol Dunkley – The prodigal returns
 8   Junior Dread - A wah dat
 9   Lone Ranger - Everything she want
10  Dennis Brown - Sitting and watching
11  Dennis Alcapone - Fever teaser
12  Burning Spear - Rocking time
13  Al Campbell - Take a ride
14  Lui Lepke - Sharron
15  Bob Marley - Hammer
16  Burning Spear - It's good
17  Zoot Sims - Small garden
18  Tappa Zukie - Oh lord
19  Culture - Two sevens clash
20  Jacob Miller - Suzie wong
21  Augustus Pablo - Rockers dub
22  Jah Stitch - Black harmony killer
23  Jackie Bernard - Jah jah way
24  African Dub Almighty - Chapter three
25  Slim Smith - Everybody needs love

Reggae Monster Originals vol.5

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Request your Favorite Compilation Now !

Hey there you groovers, how about some compilation re-ups ?
Almost all the older comps have dead links, the next few days
I'll re-up a bunch of GG compilations on request, so dig in, find
your favorite GG compi's and ask me to re-up in a comment.
I'll give them a second life, good thing to do at the end of
another good year. We heard some great tunes and
learned a lot again. Thank you all fellow bloggers
for introducing tons of music we didn't know.
To begin with, our Global Samplers,
let me know what compilation
yóu want..don't wait
too long now..

Click on the deejaymoos compilation
label, scoll back, pick one and request..

Global Sampler vol. 1
Global Sampler vol. 2
Global Sampler vol. 3
Global Sampler vol. 4
Global Sampler vol. 5
Global Sampler vol. 6
Global Sampler vol. 7
Global Sampler vol. 8
Global Sampler vol. 9
Global Sampler vol. 10
Global Sampler vol. 11
Global Sampler vol. 12
Global Sampler vol. 13
Global Sampler vol. 14
Global Sampler vol. 15
Global Sampler vol. 16
Global Sampler vol. 17
Global Sampler vol. 18
Global Sampler vol. 19
Global Sampler vol. 20
Global Sampler vol. 21
Global Sampler vol. 22
Global Sampler vol. 23
Global Sampler vol. 24
Global Sampler vol. 25
Global Sampler vol. 26
Global Sampler vol. 27
Global Sampler vol. 28
Global Sampler vol. 29
Global Sampler vol. 30
Global Sampler vol. 31
Global Sampler vol. 32
Global Sampler vol. 33
Global Sampler vol. 34
Global Sampler vol. 35
Global Sampler vol. 36
Global Sampler vol. 37

Highlife Treasure

Nigerian Highlife

Noël Rosa

Rebel Sunday

Global Groove's Selection

Chauya Chirizevha

Seven 7" from Congo vol. 3

Congo, Tours de Force vol.4

Congo, Tours de Force vol.5

Congo, Tours de Force vol.7

Congo, Tours de Force vol.8

Nalingi yo na motema

Colompilation vol.1

Colompilation vol.2

Colompilation vol.3

Colompilation vol.4

Colompilation vol.5

Colompilation vol.6

Congo, Tours de Force vol.6

Congo, Tours de Force vol.9

Congo, Tours de Force vol.10

Congo, Tours de Force vol.1

Congo, Tours de Force vol.2

Congo, Tours de Force vol.3

Seven 7" from Congo vol.2

Seven 7" from Congo vol.4

Seven 7” from Congo vol.1

Three Minute Magic

Gosto de Loronix

Tribute to Loronix

Africa, Round of Countries

Samba da Casa

African Mixture

Reggae Monster Originals vol.1

Reggae Monster Originals vol.2

Reggae Monster Originals vol.3

Reggae Monster Originals vol.4

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Global Sampler vol. 42 - Various Artists

 1   Verckys - Seliba
 2   Sparrow - Benwood dick
 3   Yamoah's Band - Asem sebe
 4   Abelardo Barroso y la Sensación - Bruca maniguá
 5   Orchestre du Bawobab - Senegaal sunugaal
 6   Nguashi Ntimbo & l'Orchestre Sentima - Trop bon pt.1
 7   Nguashi Ntimbo & l'Orchestre Sentima - Trop bon pt.2
 8   Orchestre Conga Succes - Helena tuna mama bebe
 9   Empire Bakuba - Mwana-gabon
10  African Brothers Band Int. - Me nye osansani
11  Le Peuple - Massavi fololo y' africa
12  Duo Los Compadres - El gato y la gata

Global Sampler vol. 42

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seven 7 inches from Ghana - Various Artists

We had some from Kenya and from Colombia and Congo,
today it is Ghana's turn to get a 'Seven 7" singles' compilation.
I recently found some so here they are. ET Mensah's tracks are
a bit noisy but the rest sounds fairly okay. Hope you like them,
enjoy listening...


 1   Ramblers Dance Band - Oburoni woewu
 2   Ramblers Dance Band - Antie christie
 3   Dr. K. Gyasi's Noble Kings - Sama awo deme
 4   Dr. K. Gyasi's Noble Kings - Sei na'zo
 5   Ashanti Brothers - Me yonko awisia
 6   Ashanti Brothers - Kae owuo
 7   E.T. Mensah & his Tempos Band - Odo anigyina
 8   E.T. Mensah & his Tempos Band - Abele
 9   Yamoah's Band - Atemmuda
10  Yamoah's Band - Oyefo
11  Abongo Boys led by Sammy Kwampoh - Anka meye bi
12  Abongo Boys led by Sammy Kwampoh - Menko ofie ho
13  EK's no.1 Band - Efa woho ben ?
14  EK's no.1 Band - Ma agyanka nesu nye wosu

Seven 7" from Ghana

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Global Sampler vol. 41
Various Artists

 1   Orchestre Kamale - Ayindjo
 2   Angel Viloria - A lo escuro
 3   Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Ndidi kanma
 4   Akwasi Yeboah - Asuso atue
 5   Sonora Ponceña - Suena tu bongo
 6   Osvaldo Nunes - Bota samba nisso
 7   Zaïko Langa-Langa - Viya
 8   Jerry Hansen & the Ramblers Dance Band - Agboo ayee
 9   André Pamomiel - Tedy na nga
10  Lord Nelson King Liar
11  Docteur Nico et l'African Fiesta Sukisa - Bandake mboka
12  Kongo Vox - Ambroise mon amour
13  Bezerra da Silva e Reyjordão - Lei de madeira
14  Victoria's King Jazz - Susana
15  Empire Bakuba - Trop c'est trop

Global Sampler 41

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Seven '7 inches' from Colombia
Various Artists

Recently I found us a bunch of Colombian singles.
It seemed only logical to digitize them and make
another 'Seven 7 inches' compilation. Check out
Andres Landero, Nafer Duran, Enrique Diaz,
Juan Mercado, Manuel Caraballo and others.


 1   Andres Landero - El caracoli
 2   Andres Landero - Los ricos estan completos
 3   Nafer Duran - Con sentimiento
 4   Nafer Duran - El rezo
 5   Anibal Velasquez - Dejala que sufra
 6   Anibal Velasquez - Lejos de ti
 7   Enrique Diaz - De caja negra
 8   Enrique Diaz - El porvenir
 9   Juan Mercado - La que se traba
10  Juan Mercado - Pelo parado
11  Alejandro Duran - Las sirvientas modernas
12  Alejandro Duran - Vidita mia
13  Manuel Caraballo - La luna pisotia
14  Manuel Caraballo - Dolor profundo

Seven ‘7 inches’ from Colombia

Sunday, May 5, 2013

5th Anniversary Special Post !

Global Samplers 38, 39 & 40

Hello Groovers around the Globe, at the 6th of May we celebrate
our 5th anniversary already. Time sure flies. Unfortunately we are
not yet in the opportunity to launch the new and independent GG,
other work ( the one that keeps things running ) keeps coming in
between. Ready or not, that can't spoil the fun. People ask me why
I don't make Global Samplers anymore. It's not I don't want to but
they were made for a reason. They are meant to show you the way
around the blog and provide you with tips, but now most of our links
are dead, so where do they send you ? Nowhere yet ! Mediafire had
thrown out the last two samplers, vols. 38 & 39, let's bring them
back to start with and as an anniversary special I made us volume
40. We are really making progress behind the scenes and
soon you'll be able to access all the old posts again at
the new and improved page, it is a promise ! For now,
download these three Samplers and listen,
I drink to a long and healthy future
of sharing my favourite music
with you, cheers folks,
get it & spread it !


 1   Orchestre Sinza Kotoko - Waba-kandi-tetoka
 2   Orchestre Baobab - Mi son
 3   Alberto Beltrán -  A lo oscuro
 4   Celia Cruz con La Sonora Matancera - Cogele el gusto
 5   Simarro Massiya - Maya ozali coupable ya misere na ngai
 6   Chuito el de Bayamon -  Los carreteros y el buen borincano
 7   l'Orchestre Minzoto Wella-Wella - Pingula
 8   Celina y Reutilio - La caña brava
 9   Orchestre Sega Sega - Adhiambo P. pt.2
10  Max Romeo - Crime does not pay
11  Orchestre Lipua Lipua - Blanche
12  Franco et le T.P. OK Jazz - Mamou
13  African Brothers International Band of Ghana - Otan hunuara kwa
14  Gem Lucky Jazz - Yuniy Honey

Global Sampler vol. 40

 volume 39, tracks;

 1   J.S. Essous & Nino Malapet – Bongo
 2   Franco & l'OK Jazz - Oh! Katharina
 3   Junior Byles - Demonstration
 4   Orchestre Les Trois Frères - Kumbe-kumbe
 5   Le Seigneur Rochereau - Pitié
 6   Red Spots - Oya kae me
 7   Chuito, el de Bayamon - Soy un caramelo
 8   Toni Iordache - Hora de la bolintin
 9   Duo Los Ahijados - El vacilon de pantaleon
10  Orchestre Zaïko - Ima
11  Kyeremateng Stars - Dee wo benya biara fa no saa ara
12  Okukuseku Int. Band of Ghana - Why you de run
13  Horace Andy - Eating mess
14  Victoria's King's Jazz - Rieko magftich
15  Justo Betancourt - Pa' bravo yo
16  Atakora Manu - Self contention

Global Sampler vol. 39

 volume 38, tracks;

 1   Orquesta Casino de la Playa – Cachita
 2   D.O. Misisani & Shirati Jazz - Isabella muga
 3   Joseph Kabasele et l'African Jazz - Tosekana
 4   Duo Los Ahijados - Kikiribu mandinga
 5   Winston & Robin - Bad mind grudgeful
 6   Trio Ce Pa Kos - Patchi manga
 7   Bholen & Negro Succes - Permission
 8   Orchestre Vévé - Bilobela 1&2
 9   Gregory Isaacs - Love is overdue
10  Desmond Dekker - Please don't bend
11  'Fats' Waller and his Rhythm - There'll be some changes made
12  Kwasi Boateng's Band - Enne mpo ni
13  Kintweni Sukisa - Nsongo nena
14  Eric Hayden - Give her the No.1
15  International de Nelly - Ruoth meda teko
16  Star Band de Dakar - Mamaya ssima
17  Victoria Jazz Band - Paul odera
18  Alex Konadu - Bebome mame nko

Global Sampler vol. 38

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Seven "7 inches" from Congo, vol.3
Various Artists

In our 7" compilations series I've made us another
Congolese singles comp. It concerns 7 Pathé singles
of which I ripped both sides each. Some well known
and some lesser known groups from Congo's seventies.
Hope you like'm as much as I do,
get it and spread it !
..nice weekend..


 1   Orchestre Negro Bandombe - Ngai ida nakoka
 2   Orchestre Negro Bandombe - Nakomi caini namokili
 3   Orchestre Hi-Fives - Nichukume twende kwako
 4   Orchestre Hi-Fives - Nakokufa lokola nyama
 5   Mando Negro - Martine
 6   Mando Negro - Celina
 7   Orchestre Tabou National - Ndayi
 8   Orchestre Tabou National - Seli
 9   Franco et l'OK Jazz - Mele
10  Franco et l'OK Jazz - Mowunbu ya makanisi
11  Mando Negro Kwala-Kwa - Daudet lingaka
12  Mando Negro Kwala-Kwa - Yakali
13  Les Bantous de la Capitale - Isabelle mwana ya kin
14  Les Bantous de la Capitale – Macaro

Seven '7 inches' from Congo, vol.3

Seven '7 inches' from Congo, vol.1
Seven '7 inches' from Congo, vol.2