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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cumbias Tipicas - Various Artists
Discos Fuentes

Well Chuckie Jo, that is so nice to hear that I could not
resist posting you some cumbia straight away. American
rednecks that love cumbia are quite rare I reckon and the
fact alone calls for a reward. Suck on this collector for a
while, it contains songs by the finest artists in the field.
Cumbia is such happy music, I can fully understand
you getting addicted to it, I am a sucker for it too..


 1   Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto - El aguacero
 2   Banda y Coros Campesinos de Repelion - Macondo
 3   Calixto Ochoa y su Conjunto - Recordando el pasado
 4   Pedro Laza y su Combo - La misma vaina
 5   Ariza y su Combo - El escorpión
 6   Andres Landero - La pollera rosada
 7   Michi y su Combo Bravo - Se fué la cumbia
 8   Eliseo Herrera y su Conjunto - El mangle
 9   Orquesta Casino Tropical - Noche serena
10  Rufo Garrido y su Orquesta - Vamos pa'el cumbión

Cumbias Tipicas

Thursday, February 20, 2014

lo Primero Conjunto Miramar - Carruseles,
Grabaciones Originales Ondina
Dia Disquera Antioqueña

Okay fellow groovers, back to reality. When I first saw
this lp, I was naive and thought it had something to do
with Colombian salsa band 'Sonora Carruseles'. And
when listening to the first track one continues to feel
a certain link with the group. However after searching
the web for it, I didn't find anything. Listening to the lp
I got captured by surprise, as pleased as punch, "lo
Primero Conjunto Miramar" found it's self another fan.
Original songs, no salsa but cumbias, porros, pregon,
Guaracha, son and guajira, pure sweetness to the ear.
Now I have tried to convince you before, so no more
superlatives, just get it and give it a spin..azúcar !..


 1   Carruseles
 2   Reina de cumbias
 3   Sufre negra
 4   Picale
 5   La silenciosa
 6   Pregonando
 7   Chela
 8   Salpicon
 9   La pestañita
10  Mar adentro


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cumbias Solamente Cumbias - Varias Artistas
Discos Fuentes 1976

When you take this lp in your hands and look for any scratches,
you won't find them. Listening to it however I'm affraid we have
to accept some noises towards the end of side-b. Especially
track 11. side-a is clean but is slightly off centre so getting
closer to track 6 it is starting to sound false a bit. Now about
the quality of the music, that's another story. Take the second
number, 'El aguacero' by Anibal Velasquez, I fell in love with
that song straight away, the backing drums are somehow
quite different, I love'm, simply irresistible..
Overall, wonderful release, awesome
cover, some great tunes,
small disturbing


 1   Los Corraleros - Juana patiño
 2   Anibal Velasquez - El aguacero
 3   Luis E. Martinez - Cumbia sampuesana
 4   Climaco Sarmiento - La cigarra
 5   Los Hispanos - Cumbia marinera
 6   Banda y Corors de Bocachica - Si mañana muero
 7   Julio Erazo - Cumbia de margarita
 8   Los Alegres del Sinu - Cumbia cereteana
 9   Luis E. Martinez - Cumbia cienaguera
10  Los Corraleros - Cumbia campesina
11  Alejandro Duran - Me quede llorando
12  Andres Landero - La pollera rosada

Cumbia Solamente Cumbias

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cumbias solo Cumbias vol. 2 - Various Artists,
Discos Fuentes 1974

On Discos Fuentes we find this swell collector. It's from
1974 and it has the traditional Fuentes pretty girls sleeve.
You may say, kinda cheap but I like'em a lot. Other than
that it contains some real jewels, another Angel Vásquez
song amongst others. Don't miss it, Colombian gold..


 1   Andrés Landero - Muchachas cumbiamberas
 2   A.M. Mejía - Lindo magdalena
 3   César Castro - La cachuchona
 4   Andrés Landero - La cigarrona
 5   A. Lenes - Dos puntas
 6   Eliseo Herrera - Cumbia saramuya
 7   Don Fabián - Cumbia que te vas de ronda
 8   Eliseo Herrera - La bonga
 9   Pablo Flórez - Palo prieto
10  Angel Vásquez - Uuey ja
11  Ramón Vargas - La motilona
12  Duque Palomino - Cumbia de amores

Cumbia solo Cumbias vol. 2

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Colacho Mendoza, su voz, su acordeón
Composiciones de él y sus Compadres
con su Conjunto, Concierto Vallenato
Además Pedro García y Esteban Salas

Friends of vallenato, attention. This old record brings us
some of the finest. It starts out with Emiliano Zuleta’s
‘Gota Fria’, a straight hit if you ask me. Nicolás ‘Colacho’
Mendoza is vocally accompanied by his friends Pedro
García Díaz and Esteban Salas. The rest of the group are;
Adán Enrique Monteras – guacharaca
Juán José Calderón – cajero
Carlos Huertas Trujillo – guitarra
Justo Velázquez – bajo
Carlos Veléz – cencerro
Acordeón by Nicolás ‘Colacho’ Mendoza
I am not exactly sure about the year of release, the back-
sleeve speaks of 1967 but my Spanish is not good enough.
Can anyone translate and tell us please ?
Great, thanks in advance, now get listening and be sure to
spread it around, enjoy..


1   Gota fria
2   Ausencia
3   Sin razon
4   Matilde
5   Rosita
6   Amargura
7   El tigre de amador
8   El cumpleaños
9   Aparecio la ilusion

Concierto Vallenato

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Calixto Ochoa y su Conjunto
Grandes Exitos, Discos Fuentes 1984

Hello groovers, I am sorry we have such a little amount of posts
these days. Other work is consuming my time and energy but
no worries, we're still here and although in a slow pace, also
still working on the new page. Today I want to ask your kind
attention for this swell artist. Calixto Ochoa is one of the main
composers if we speak of Colombian tropical styles such as
cumbia, porro, paseo among others. This Discos Fuentes
'Grandes Exitos' brings us some of his better compositions.
Enjoy Calixto Ochoa's hot tropical sound and pass it on..

Don't be misled by this tasteless cover,
the music is nothing like the picture..


 1   La medallita
 2   Diana
 3   Charanga campesina
 4   Mata de caña
 5   Lirio rojo
 6   Playas marinas
 7   Las mellizas
 8   Las sabanales
 9   Cerro verde
10  El besito
11  Mi cabaña
12  La sirena
13  Chan con chan
14  Si el mar se volviera ron

Calixto Ochoa

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cumbias Costeñas - Various Artists
Discos Fuentes / eco 1981

I am in a good mood today so I'm gonna wangle y'all a bit more.
This slice of happy Colombian vinyl put a big smile on my face
this morning and I just could not withhold it from you. So suck it
in, dig in & get goin'. I am pretty sure you wont be able to sit
still while pumping these files through
your speakers, ..blast away..


 1   Sonora Cordobesa - Toño y Toña
 2   Los Corraleros de Majagual - Mujeres costeñas
 3   Angel Nino y su Conjunto - Guayaba por guayabo
 4   Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto - Cumbia indigena
 5   Julio Erazo - Millo caliente
 6   Sonora Cordobesa - Lumumba
 7   Adolfo Pacheco - Canto mi machete
 8   Combo Los Charangueros - Cumbia con vela
 9   Combo Los Estudiantes - Cumbia salvaje
10  Los Vecinos - Cumbia soledeña

Cumbias Costeñas

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chico Cervantes y su Conjunto Internacional
En la Onda de Chico Cervantes,
Caliente 1973

Caliente means hot, and hot it is ! This album from 1973 is sure
to get you in a dancing mood. With it's infectious guaracha's,
cumbia's and paseaito's it ain't easy to remain seated. Chico
Cervantes appears first time at the GG today (part from one song)
and we're proud to have him. Next to incredibly nice music it has
a typical and somewhat strange trippy sleeve, I love it. Another
sure thing is, if I deejay on somebody's birthday party in the future,
the fifth track of this lp will pass by to make certain that happy
moment. Better don't wait or hesitate...get on Chico's wave
and tell your friends to go there too...


 1   Sentimiento de amigo
 2   El carrito
 3   Yo me llamo cumbia
 4   El guarapero
 5   Felicidades, felicidades
 6   Los soldados
 7   Cancion de amor
 8   Cumbia de la paz
 9   La ciruela
10  Vaya un caminao

En la Onda de Chico Cervantes

Monday, July 22, 2013

Morgan Blanco - El Virtuoso del Acordeon,

The vallenato of Morgan Blanco with it's jumpy basslines
and happy accordeon is one I love to play. Such a shame
this lp has so many scratches. One way or the other, I still
love to give it a spin, the music is great. Maybe someone
can give it a cleaning treatment and throw it back in. Would
be wonderful. Be sure to snatch it while you can..cheers..


1   Que dolor de amor
2   La misma yuca se arranca
3   Paloma sin ala
4   Cachoencefalograma
5   Cumbia de mis amores
6   Lo lindo de la vida es la mujer
7   damelo
8   Serenata de acordeon
9   La mona


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Los Corraleros de Majagual - ¡ Nos Fuimos !
Discos Fuentes 1975

Hello and good morning on this Easterday. I think it's for the first
time we are having us a white Easter. Even with Chrsitmas we
had better weather, it's cold and snowing on this 31st of march.
Spring just doesn't realise we're already entering april tomorrow.

Winter or spring, we play tropical music all year round so that
makes no difference. Today I'll spoil you with some 'Tropical de
Colombia'. From 1975 on Discos Fuentes de Medellin Colombia
we've got this wonderful album by Los Corraleros de Majagual.
This supergroup had relations with the most fantastic artists.
On this album alone we find Lisandro Meza, Eliseo Herrera,
Julio Erazo and Calixto Ochoa to name just a few. But they
also hosted Alfredo Gutierrez, Lucho Argain and Nacho
Paredes among many others. Great vocalists, hot
rhythmsection and horns, better don't miss..


 1   El vivo y el bobo
 2   El pobre pollo
 3   El bailador
 4   Mosaico
 -    Mata de caña
 -    Trigueñita
 -    La tombola
 5   Mosaico
 -    Spanish flea
 -    La chichera
 6   La burrita
 7   Palma de coco
 8   Mosaico
 -    Cartagenera
 -    La cola del diablo
 -    El machorrito
 -    Yo conozco a claudia
 9   Pompo del 66
10  Charanga internacional

Nos Fuimos !

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alfredo Gutierrez y
sus Acordeones Dorados
Canta Nacho Paredes -
Cumbias de oro,
Discos Fuentes 1976

Once I got acquainted with this type of music, there
was no way of stopping that train. A whole new territory
to explore, the Discos Fuentes 1970's brought loads of
sweet cumbia. It took some time to find but recently we got
real lucky. Take this here lp, Alfredo Gutierrez joined with
us in 2008 with one album, october 23rd. Always on the
lookout for Fuentes, last fair made me a happy man. At
last, a small pile of Colombian treasure found it's way
and ended on this fools shelf. Nacho Paredes is the
singer on this one, marvelous voices,
rolling beats & golden accordeons..


 1   Cumbia sampuesana
 2   La amapola
 3   Prende la vela
 4   Cumbia colombia
 5   Guepa-je
 6   Cumbia loca
 7   La folklorica
 8   Cumbia china
 9   Panameña
10  Adorada socorro

Cumbias de oro

I also re-upped the other one..

La Cañaguatera

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colompilation 6 -
Various Artists

Thought you would like some good weather music.
This is the happiest latin ever, listen
to another Colompilation..


 1   Andrés Landero y su Conjunto - La cigarrona
 2   Los Corraleros de Majagual - El vampiro
 3   Climaco Sarmiento y su Orquesta - La cigarra
 4   Comb Sampuesano - La pisinga
 5   Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto - Las cosas de la vida
 6   Los Hermanos Marquez - Yo conozco a Claudia
 7   Andrés Landero y su Conjunto - Cumbia en la India
 8   La Sonora Cordobesa - San Carlos
 9   Alfredo Gutierrez y su Conjunto - Panameña
10  Los Corraleros de Majagual - La palma de coco
11  Andrés Landero - Mi machete
12  Los Teen Agers - La pata pela
13  Los Corraleros de Majagual - Tres tigres
14  Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - La compatible
15  Los Corraleros de Majagual - La sampa
16  Pedro Laza y sus pelayeros - El sabanero
17  Los Corraleros de Majagual - Del tingo al tango


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Re-Up & Re-Post
Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto -
Lo Ultimo, Discos Fuentes

For this saturday a re-up and re-post. Anibal Velasquez is still one of
Colombia's biggest artists. I read somewhere he made over 300 records
a huge amount. Still performing, he turns places upside-down. If you
ever get the chance to see him perform do not hesitate and buy that
ticket instantly. I hope to get that chance myself one fine day.
For now, enjoy this oldie but very goodie oncemore, check # 8.


 1   Que ojos
 2   La caracucha
 3   Que se muera
 4   Mi barquita
 5   La muerte de Anibal
 6   Te la vi
 7   Palito seco
 8   Pobre y viejo
 9   Mi suegra
10   La muerte de Bartola
11   La que se fue
12   Mi comadre


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three Minute Magic - Various Artists


1 Kiskedee Trio - Congo bara
2 J.B. Lenoir - Sitting down thinking
3 Buddie Johnson - It's the gold
4 Orquesta casino de la Playa - Bruca manigua
5 Carmen Dela Dipini - Dimelo
6 Teddy Wilson - You showed me the way
7 Slim Gaillard - Beatin' the board
8 Count Lasher - Talking parrot
9 Bemi - Nabosani ndako
10 Cab Calloway - Reefer man
11 Robert Johnson - Terraplane blues
12 Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra - Rumba rumbero
13 Roberto Ledesma - Con mi corazon te espero
14 Mildred Bailey - I see your face before me
15 Earl Hines - Blue drag
16 Alex Konadu - Owuo mpe silka
17 Wrangler - Limbo teacher
18 Effie Smith - Gettin' out
19 Big Joe Turner - Lucille, Lucille
20 Louis Jordan - Psycho-loco
21 Edmundo Arias - Chituchi
22 Jimmy Pedroso - El loro
23 Angel Luis Torruellas - El abusador
24 Sunny Adé and his Green Spot Band - O le ku
25 Miguel Aceves Mejia - Orgullosa y bonita
26 Humphrey Eshitool - Jirani waganga


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Colompilation 4

If you are familiar with Discos Fuentes de Colombia you
know that pretty women go together with their music. So
when I thought about a cover for this collector of Colombian
sounds, the choice was easily made. It's all about the music
of course and you know I'm serious,
..ahem, let's dance till dawn.


1 Calixto Ochoa - Amor sincero
2 Ramón Vargas - Alegría Costeña
3 Lisandro Meza y Conjunto - El guayacan
4 La Sonora Cordobesa - Pero dame eso
5 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - La boquillera
6 Guillermo Buitrago - El amor de Claudia
7 Alfredo Gutierrez - Paloma guarumera
8 La Sonora Dinamita - Feliciana
9 Rufo Garrido - La vaca vieja
10 Andrés Landero - Dejame gozar la vida
11 Los Golden Boys - La negra Celina
12 Clímaco Sarmiento - La borrachona
13 Andrés Landero - Perdi las abarcas
14 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - La cosecha de mujeres
15 Alfonso Piña Cogollo - El doctor
16 Miguel Duran – India matea


Friday, May 28, 2010

Lucho Bermudez y su Orquesta -
Cosas de Lucho, CBS

Did you enjoy that Colombian compilation I called 'Cumbia Sabrosa'?
You can find it back on may 31, 2008, in our archives. It contained
that hot track, 'Colombia tierra querida'. Lucho Bermudez was one of
the orchestral leaders that wrote history. Check out this album with
the traditional pretty lady cover. Gaita, porro, merengue, paseo,
cumbia and bolero by one of Colombia's master composers.


1 La gaita de las flores
2 Miguelito
3 Lina
4 Lo mas lindo que yo tengo
5 Tierra mia
6 Muchachas Colombianas
7 Maqueteando
8 Hasta luego Medellin
9 Me gustas
10 Mosaico Colombiano


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Buenisimas vol. 2 - Various Artists, Sonolux 1982

Sonolux from Medellin Colombia released this collector in 1982.
It contains some Colombian highlites from the 70's and early 80's.
The cover makes you expect a quite commercial album and it does have
one or two of those tracks. On the other hand we find a few great
songs. Anibal Velasques always makes a difference and Alfredo Linares'
Tiahuanaco swings fantastic, but my favourite is absolutely track #3,
by Los Montuneros.


1 Los Tremendos de Colombia - Ese amor
2 Darigil y su Combo - Cumbia Calentana
3 Los Montuneros - Francisco del otro lado
4 Los Alegres de San Basilio - La espina
5 Don Medardo y sus Players - La ladrona
6 Grupo Chambacu - Alhucema con Romero
7 Grupo Escala - Porque eme sigues
8 Anibal Velasques - Un poquito de cariño
9 Alfredo Linares - Tiahuanaco
10 Tamara - La limosna

new link

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Colompilation 3

Cumbia de Colombia is one of my favorite musictypes, so when I got
Goofy's request for some decent material, I didn't think twice and
made us another Colompilation. It is the third one so if you're
new here and you like this one, check the Colombia or cumbia section
below. Do you have a summer party, this music makes everybody dance.
Great plan Goofy !


1 Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto - Entre rejas
2 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - La pringamoza
3 Pacho Galán - Fiesta de cumbia
4 Los Corraleros de Majagual - La morena encarnación
5 Trio Primavera - La pata y el pato
6 Alfonso Piña Cogollo - Yo soy un porro
7 Julio Erazo - Hace un mes
8 José Maria Peñaranda - La cosecha de mujeres
9 Pedro Jairo Garces - El twist del Guayabo
10 Bovea y sus Vallenatos - El testamanto
11 La Sonora Cordobesa - El Pajaro Picon
12 Eliseo Herrera - La yerbita
13 Alfredo Gutierrez - La negra
14 La Sonora Cordobesa - No me molestes
15 Roberto de la Barrera - El pulgon
16 Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto - Dominique


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colompilation 2

One of our visitors suggested to make a second Colompilation.
I thought that would be a good idea, so I did. Here's Colompilation
2, another 14 of my favourite Colombian tracks. Volume
up, empty the room and dance !


1 Orquesta Ritmo de Sabanas - Porro Bonito
2 Nelson Diaz y el Combo de Duque Palomino - Que me coma el tigre
3 La Sonora Cordobesa - La mafafa
4 Los Golden Boys - El elevao
5 Emilio Oviedo - Yolanda
6 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - La calle 13
7 Los Corraleros de Majagual - No te vayas cariño
8 Bovea y sus Vallenatos - La casa en el aire
9 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - La negra caliente
10 Los Corraleros de Majagual - La burrita
11 Pacho Galan - Quiero amanecer
12 Calixto Ochoa y su Conjunto - Pirulino
13 José Caceres Land - Suena la timba
14 Antonio Fuentes - Mi nena


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bailables de Oro 1952 1972 - V.A. , Sonolux

This afternoon I paid some Amsterdam shops a visit and
found this Colombian collector from the 70's.
It contains 3 or 4 songs with Edmundo Arias' orchestra. When I
first heard it some years ago, it captured me straight away.
As a bonus I added 6 extra songs by Orquesta de Edmundo Arias.

1 Alfredo Gutierrez y sus Estrellas - La banda borracha
2 Amparito Jimenez - Pepe
3 Edmundo Arias y su Orquesta - Ligia
4 Sarita Lascarro - Quiero amanecer
5 Noel Petro - Cabeza de hacha
6 Antonio Gonzalez G. - Playa blanca
7 Lita Nelson - Algo se me va
8 Orquesta Sonolux - Diciembre azul
9 Cristóbal Pérez - La negra Celina
10 Gladys Viera - Suave
11 Corraleja 71 - La pollera colora
12 Super Combo 'Los Tropicales' - Cumbia sobre el mar

bonus tracks

13 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - Atlantico
14 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - Juanita bonita
15 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - El mecanico
16 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - La luna y el pescador
17 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - Alma quibdoseña
18 Orquesta de Edmundo Arias - Cumbia sobre el mar

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