Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena -
Follow the Crocodile
One Heart Management Limited 1988

Goodmorning groovers, today's contribution is one I really
enjoyed ripping for yall. Jonah Moyo's guitar is uncomparable
with any other. Sparkling chimurenga from Zimbabwe you don't
want to miss. We had a couple of his wonderful albums before
and I can tell you, it is not taking very long anymore before they
shall all be available again. The work on the new page is getting
along quite well and if nothing goes wrong next week, I think we
can launch around the end of this month.

We have got some goodies waiting for you when the new Global
Groove goes online; Bavon Marie Marie, Grand Kalle, Empire
Bakuba for example, we've got various Pinduca's and samba
from Brazil, Guillermo Buitrago, Alejandro Duran, Pedro Laza
and other Colombian highlights, Haitian Compas, Ghanaian
highlife, Salsa, Juju etcetera..what is your favourite music ?


1   Makeyi wakakanya
2   Rwafashukira
3   Ndoenda harare
4   Ndiwe
5   Mudiwa lameck
6   Ndodada nezimbabwe

Follow the Crocodile


Anonymous said...

thank you, love your rips. my requests are congolese 60s and 70s and bavon marie marie would be great, and ghanese highlife .

Chuckie Jo said...

thanks so much for all the music and for letting me hear the world. if you're going to let us beggars be choosers, i have to cast a vote for columbia. i'm an american redneck and can't explain why that country's music in particular speaks to me, but i'm addicted and can't get enough, especially cumbia. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Soukous and ghanaian highlife are very good choices but could you offer anything of Bella Bellow?
It's long time ago that I travelled and stayed in Africa myself. Once I owned a tape her but it got lost.

I follow your blog since 2009 and I had much pleasure always.

Thank you very much!

Jazzy said...

Nice Jit here Moos
Suggestions: more Zim (e.g. early Marxist Brothers, if for nothing other than the name, Leonard Dembo, Nyami Nyami Sounds etc) anything on Discos Fuentes label (Heh, heh, you got there before me!!), this 'Pinduca' sounds interesting. Oh come on - anything! (though I draw the line at One Direction!).

The Jukebox Rebel said...

Sparkling is the word man.

This is loveable within about 2 seconds.

I think I'm going to be a regular here...

The Jukebox Rebel said...

Ooh, I see you're doing requests.

I have a few tracks by the Harare Mambos taped off John Peel from back in the 1980s. They're all sizzlers.

Any albums by said ensemble would most likely blow my mind.

LPR said...

Beautiful, thanks! Love the Taxi Driver album. Wild guitar sound.

To the Anonymous looking for Bella Bellow:
here's my vinyl rip of "Bella Bellow - Album Souvenir", a compilation on the Sonodisc label, issued 1977. Plus a few extras (videos, singles etc). Enjoy!

Concrete Coconuts said...

my favourite music: CALYPSO!!
Thanks for all your shares!