Saturday, June 7, 2014

22 Tracks about Football - Various Artists

Speaking of football, or soccer, whatever you prefer, I decided
to make a collector about it. It begins with a track from a cd
full of 78's collected by John Peel's wife. Nice old song, in the
middle we have two African songs, one Colombian and another
oldie with the Marx Brothers. On no.13 we have a track sung by
no one less than Pelé, with Sergio Mendes and on 20 a quite bad
Dutch caranaval song by our own Johan Cruyff, you wont believe
your ears. Most songs are Brazillian and about the famous Rio-club
Flamengo or Pelé, get it & spread it...


1   Albert Whelan - Pass! shoot!! goal!!!
 2   João Nogueira e Outros - Hino de flamengo
 3   Gasolina - E o juíz apitou
 4   João Nogueira - Samba rubro-negra
 5   Bezerra da Silva - Flamengo e mangueira
 6   Hélio Nascimento - Continuo a ser flamengo
 7   Varias crianças - Falando sobre futbol
 8   Luiz Wanderley - Rei pelé
 9   Pepé Kallé - Roger mila
10  Johnny Bokelo - A.s. biliman
11  Los Teenagers - Pachanga del futbol
12  The Marx Brothers - Professor wagstaff presents the football game ( Groucho )
13  Sergio Mendes e Pelé - Meu mundo é uma bola
14  Wilson Simonal - Obrigado pelé
15  Jackson do Pandeiro - O rei pelé
16  Grupo Fundo de Quintal - Sou flamengo, cacique e mangueira
17  Tim Maia - Flamengo
18  Gilberto Gil e Germano Mathias - Samba rubro-negro
19  Lonnie Donegan - World cup willie
20  Johan Cruyff - Oei oei oei ( dat was me weer een loei )
21  Gringo da Parada - Mengoooo
22  Torcedores de flamengo – Mengoo

22 Tracks about Football


Anonymous said...

I confess I don't care much about football but Roger Mila is one of my all time favorite songs - thank you for a wonderful job as usual! Veronika

Anonymous said...

thanks Moos for this fun mix of tunes.

Here are some more "modern" fútbol songs en español:

and a bonus song for Maradona:

play on,

Rodrigo Lunardon said...

Good choises, my friend. I'd like to show you some songs about soccer made by Jorge Ben, a famous brazilian singer and songwriter whose recurring theme is the ball, the Maracanã stadium and Flamengo.
Zagueiro -
Cadê o penalty -
Ponta de Lança Africano "Umbabarauma" -
Camisa 10 da Gávea -
Fio Maravilha -

OBHS_DNA said...

I have enjoyed downloading this collection, and several other albums from your most interesting blog. I wish you well.
-Daniel el fuerte de Holland, Michigan, USA

Zor Ekologikoa said...

a n excellent one:
vinicius moraes, maria cruza & touquinho; a copa do mundo e nostra

another one:

FRAC Odio Eterno Al fútbol moderno!

Anonymous said...