Saturday, April 5, 2014

Michel Boyibanda & Loko Massengo
avec l'International Orchestre Rumbaya - Nouveauté 1981
Musiclub / Eddy'Son Consortium Mondial 1981

It is in mint condition, I recorded it on cd from my Technics 1200
with it's perfect stylus and Stanton element, then ripped in
320 kbps, I ensure you, quality in sound you will appreciate.
Track no.1 has a very funny rhythm, at first I thought something was
wrong but soon it fell in place, listen..

We had le Retro de Michel Boyibanda and Sedim présente Boybanda Michel
on earlier occasions. I re-upped them for you as well. Today we've got
another lp of the great Michel Boyibanda with l'International Orchestre Rumbaya,
same as the last mentioned lp.  It is a collaboration with Loko Massengo.
Enjoy these rare beauties and pass them on to your friends..


1   Loko Massengo - Au revoir guy-guy
2   Loko Massengo - Amour loko
3   Michel Boyibanda - Monge alel' okondji
4   Michel Boyibanda - Nkokila mwana ponton

Nouveauté 1981


glinka21 said...

Once again, Moos, thank you! I appreciate all the effort you go to, to share so much great music with us.

Anonymous said...

Moos, yet another great one...I have a request though Iam aware of the golden about re-upping Franco and TPOK Jazz Live Recording of Euro African Tour when you have time??? I apologise in advance for seeking to break the rule with due respect to you and the rest of the Global Groove offence intended..only the thirst for the great album.
Joseph...Kitwe Zambia

Anonymous said...

Thank you!