Sunday, April 13, 2014

African Brothers Int. Band of Ghana
Okwaduo, "Wodee Wokoo na Wonuanom"

I think we had some twelve of their records in the past. Lp's by
these guys keep appearing time after time and I have no idea
how many they made. Here's one I recently found, good thing
it is in reasonable condition. The problem with Ghanaian lp's
from that era is mostly the poor shape they are in. So, don't
hesitate and get it while you can. Have a nice sunday..
The lp's backsleeve and label speak of 11 songs only,
however, the album itself contains 12 tracks, if anyone can
tell us the correct title of track #12, please do so..


 1   Okwaduo
 2   Ma anoma nua
 3   Eye koko
 4   Obra pa
 5   Abotokura
 6   Yenko yemma
 7   Nkran abrabo
 8   Owuo begya hwan
 9   Enne ye nna
10  Medee beba
11  Mede ama nyame
12  Mystery track



Anonymous said...

Thanks Moos for this old album. I've been searching for it long time ago. Please don't give up.

moos said...

..always nice to find your search, cheers Anony..

Dr.Frank said...

This is a very nice old album, it's a compilation of singles the African Brothers recorded in the 1960s. Nana Ampadu & the African Brothers Band was the most prolific band in Ghana music history, they've recorded hundreds of songs, only Nana Ampadu can tell you how many if he can still remember them all. On this album, it is the title of song nr.10 (the 4th song on side B)that is missing, the titles of song B5 and B6 are correct.You can read more about the band's history here:

Kwabena Boakye said...

Thank you very much Moos, Just like the kid hiding in the corners on a summer day & waiting for the ice cream truck, thats the same way I am always hiding online, waiting for you to release goodies like these....Nana Ampadu & african brothers band probably has more albums than any other band in Ghana and are one of the best....actually the best in my opinion.... nana ampadu is still alive & his recent interviews about his music can be found on youtube

Anonymous said...

Thanks, friend

Anonymous said...

Thank you!