Sunday, April 27, 2014

Admiral Dele Abiodun & his Top Hitters Band
Olumo 1978

Posting juju music is something I've been doing right from
the start of this blog in 2008. It is the sound of juju that I
really love and promote, the message however is often one
I can not support. As soon as jesus titles appear my hair
stands up of annoyment, being heretic I must take distance
from any religious content. That being said we can now sit
down and listen to the funky twist in Admiral Dele Abiodun's
juju, one I can appreciate a lot. So don't be affraid and suck
in this slice of Nigerian sweetness from 1978, enjoy..


1   Awa o ni legba
-   Adawa lofi agba han won
-   Ajanaku koja eran a mupa leya
-   Aba teni je
-   Kekerenke
-   Ajuwa ye ye o
2   Baba wa gbo ebe omo re
-   Alhaji jimoh mustafa ( alias chop-life )
-   Mo ti ba jesu le sode
-   Tani matele jesu
-   Ayo ayeni

Dele Abiodun


Jillem said...

Bedankt Moos,

Classic Admiral!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

du lourd !

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks!

Abdul Pipo from France

Anonymous said...

Hi Moos, thanks for the wonderful Admiral Dele! Such a wonderful piece. Might you have a Kumapim Royals Band album titled: "Sika Ye Pena", I've been looking for it everywhere. I do hope you can post it on here if you do have it. Thanks a lot and so keep up the great work!