Friday, February 28, 2014

Les Mangelepa - Safari ya Mangelepa
ASL/Polygram 1983

Do you know that feeling ? Hunting for records, walking
through piles of vinyl at fairs and in dusty old stores in
hidden boxes and under counters. The moment one
stumbles upon an lp like this one is just what we do
it for. You see the image, read the name and a chill
rolls down your think, do not react too
enthousiastic now, the price will go up if I do..Then
later when walking out the door with yet another
treasure recovered  one feels like an archeologist,
can't wait to get home and play it. If it is as good
as you imagined upfront, mostly the first spin is
disappointing having expectations far too high.
But playing it again and again, one starts to
realize, this is gold. This is why we love
to collect & hunt vinyl,
total satisfaction!


1   Safari ya mangelepa
2   Zoao
3   Harare
4   Odesia

Safari ya Mangelepa


Anonymous said...

Moos, thanks for unearthing a great LP from a great band. I've not heard it for years and years. Tim H

dial africa said...

Congratulations, Moos! Really an extraordinairy find.

jan duinkerken said...

Great!! Thank you.

abudaiyo said...

nicely put, dj moos! I know EXACTLY what you mean!

boebis said...

thank a lot man!

JOLLY said...

Wonderful to have this great album in such great sound. I've had to listen to some terrible nth generation cassette tracks for years. Now we can hear it properly. Cover in good condition too. Thank you so much - Paul

Henk Madrotter said...

oh yes i know the feeling very, very well, specially the part where you have to conceal how happy you are to find a certain record :) going through boxes that haven't been opened in decades, coming away black from dust and dirt and finding treasures, it's pure magic! thanks moos....

DiJiT said...

Thank you Moos! You sum the digging fever up quite well. Your blog was my introduction to this wonderful world of hidden gems, and I'm glad you've kept at it, despite all the set backs. Play on!

moos said...

..good to hear you know the feeling too. So, get diggin' y'all and spread your finds..bagus sekali Henk. Every time I see you pass by, I start longing for Indonesia. I've been there a lot in the nineties.
Saya digunakan untuk membeli untuk kedai saya di Belanda. Barangan terdapat hampir semua dari Indonesia saya terlupa, tetapi apabila saya menengarnya sekali lagi..
(Waarschijnlijk gaat dit nergens over, mooie google vertaling...)
groeten uit Holland

kwabena boakye said...

Moos you know I hardly comment if its not a Ghanaian album but U should know am still watching, coming back every time for whats on the menu each day....I would have passed but after reading your comment I must say its a great job u do here apart from the good albums u give, u also write something under each album & am sure what to write each time is another challenge for u & an adventure for us... keep up the good work

Henk Madrotter said...

hahahaha, ik moest m zelf in de google vertaling gooien en google bakte er niks van! begreep alleen dat je een winkel hebt :) platen winkel??? ik zit hier sinds de 90's 17 plus jaar alweer! groeten uit bandung!

moos said...

haha, nee Henk een platenwinkel is het niet. Ik had sinds 1996 een winkeltje met Indonesische import in Hilversum genaamd de Globetrotter.
In die tijd ging ik twee maal per jaar inkopen doen op Bali en Java.
Voornamelijk handicraft, sarongs, sieraden , maskers etc. ..was leuk, ook wat bahasa geleerd maar dat is een beetje in een stoffig achterkamertje van het hoofd beland. Tegenwoordig zit ik met m'n kop in Brazilië en het Portugees. Als ik het in m'n hoofd krijg weer eens die kant op te gaan zoek ik je op Henk, mazzels...

DJ Jonathan E. said...

As always, quite fabulous, Moos. Love the hunt! And thanks for all you give so generously.