Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tim Hardin - This is Tim Hardin
Atco 1967

Ramdog's Rough Site is catching lots of spam so I thought
since it doesn't work properly anymore I might as well
remove the whole thing. A couple of posts I wanted to save
are now available here, get them if you please..

Tim Hardin

the Wild Tchoupitoulas

Wild Tchoupitoulas

Lum Guffin - Walking Victrola

Next Ramdogs Rough Site re-post.

Lum Guffin

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Clifton Chenier - King of the Bayous

Another Ramdog's Rough Site post was this one.
Get it if you didn't and give it a spin..


 1   Tu le ton son ton
 2   Hard to love someone
 3   Who can your good man be
 4   Zodico two step
 5   Going la maison
 6   I believe I'll go back home
 7   Release me
 8   Big Mamou
 9   Ton na na
10  I am coming home
11  Josephine par se ma femme
12  It's Cristmas time

King of the Bayous

Drunken Songs - Various Artists

As some of you know I used to have a shadowblog called
Ramdog's Rough Site. It is still there but ever since Mediafire
threw away all files it is waiting for renewal. At the moment it
just works as a spamcatcher so I thought I'd renew some of
it's posts here at the Global Groove. This one is a compilation
of booze tracks I made quite some time ago, hope U like'm..


 1   Outkast - Drinking again ( interlude )
 2   Eddie Harris - Drunk man
 3   José Alfredo Jimenez - Llego borracho el borracho
 4   Jim White - God was drunk when he made me
 5   Louis Jordan - What's the use of getting sober ?
 6   Alfredo Gutierrez - La banda borracha
 7   General Echo - Drunken master
 8   Elizeth Cardoso - Eu bebo sim
 9   Ace Cannon - Drunk
10  Davilita - El borracho
11  U Roy and Hopeton Lewis - Tom drunk
12  Jimmy Rogers - Sloppy drunk
13  Los Ahijados - El borracho
14  Coley Jones - Drunkard's special
15  Cuarteto Flores - Borracho no vale
16  Calixto Ochoa - El muerto borracho
17  Jorginho do Império - Assim é demais
18  Grupo Fantasma - Borracho
19  Djalma Ferreira e os Milionarios do Ritmo - Drinkando
20  Lew Irwin & The Credibility Gap - Drunk voter

Drunken Songs

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stars of Ghana vol.1 - Various Artists
Blackspot / Decca West Africa 1980

Good morning, on this fine saturday we've got you some
highlife from Ghana. The lp we have here ,'Stars of Ghana',
was released in Nigeria on 'Blackspot', appearantly a division
of Decca West Africa. It contains several Ghanaian artists and
I think it's a swell compilation. The lp is from 1980 and has some
minor noises, not too much. From the groups presented are some
we know from other projects in the past. Openings are taken
care of by the Royal Brothers Band, they kick off with some
of the finest highlifes. Get it, spread it and enjoy..


 1   Royal Brothers Band - Anamon nsia
 2   Royal Brothers Band - Kayo mobo
 3   Royal Brothers Band - Mafro odo mpa
 4   Royal Brothers Band - Odo asem yi
 5   Royal Brothers Band - Oyefo
 6   Yamoah's Band - Nkrabea
 7   Yamoah's Band - Otanhunu ye ya
 8   Melody Aces - Paulina
 9   Melody Aces - Suru lo dara
10  Akwaboa's Band - Mera du
11  Ramblers Dance Band - Meni nda oba aranso
12  Ramblers Dance Band - Agyanka dabre

Stars of Ghana

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shirati Luo Voice Jazz -
Ikwokirikwo Hits of East Africa,
Sungura 1972

For today's post we've got us an old Kenyan lp. It's from
1972 and soundquality is not the best, the music however is.
Shirati Luo Voice Jazz was their name in those days and
their leader was none less than D.O. Misiani who we know
from his later work with "Shirati Jazz". The cover you see I
found online, my copy came in a wrong cover unfortunately.
Nevertheless, even with cracks, pops and hiss,
I guess it's worth a couple of spins..
Get it and spread it..


 1   J.o. ramebeya
 2   Polina no.2
 3   Hezron macoto
 4   Margret odero olumbe
 5   Okwiri janyakach
 6   Jobwa no.2
 7   Margret wambwa
 8   Walton bunde
 9   D. kathorin ager
10  Shirati dhinyime
11  P.n. mcotieno
12  Sipi akeyo

Shirati Luo Voice Jazz

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shu-De - Voices from the Distant Steppe
RealWorld 1994

..and now for something completely different..
If I say; "throat-singing from Tuva", does that ring any bell to you ?
If it doesn't, it is time to get aquainted. When I saw "Gengis Blues"
again, it hit me like it did the first time and I decided to give it a go.
I could be mistaking but if I'm correct, this cd by the wonderful Shu-De
is already out of print. Don't get confused now, Gengis Blues is a film
about the blind American bluessinger Paul Pena who's one of the first
western artists to practise this type of singing. The movie follows him to
Tuva and gives us a marvelous inside look in it's quite unknown culture.
The cd 'Shu-De - Voices from the distant steppe' on Peter Gabriels 'Real
World' label is from 1994 and combines wonderful with Paul Pena's story.
To spoil you a bit more I added some funvideo's
on the same topic, look & listen..


01   Sygyt, khoomei, kargyraa
02   Aian dudal
03   Beezhinden
04   Buura
05   Durgen chugaa
06   Throat-singing and igil
07   Yraazhy kys
08   Shyngyr-shyngyr
09   Baian-dudai
10   Khomus solo
11   Meen khemchim
12   Opei yry
13   Tyva-uriankhai
14   Chaspy-khem
15   Kadarchynyng yry
16   Kham


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sam Mangwana et l'African All Stars 79 -
Suzana Coulibaly,
Disc Orient

Hello groovers, if you are a frequent visitor of this blog
you'll probably be aware of our problems with hosting
services. Recently I moved over to Zippyshare, I thought
our files would be save there. Unfortunately the opposite is
true. It looks like some hidden force is following us around
just to frustrate these completely harmless files. As you will
surely understand, this is the cause I don't post that much
music anymore. But, whoever is behind these disturbances,
the end of our problems is near. In a short while we'll start
working on a brand new page from where nobody can throw
away any of our precious files.
We'll get there eventually..

Today's post concerns an album by the great Sam Mangwana,
he appears oncemore with his African All Stars. The lp is a bit
worn out but that can't spoil the fun. The splendid guitars of
maître Dizzy Mandjeku and Lokassa ya Mbongo always find
a happy listening ear on this guy. It's probably from 1979.
You'd better grab it while it's still there,
it's a one time offer..


1   Suzana coulibaly
2   Eyebana
3   Mayimouna
4   Edoh

Suzana Coulibaly

Saturday, February 2, 2013

African Jazz 1960 - Various Artists,
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Originally these tracks were all recorded in 1965 and 1966.
The album we have here however concerns a re-release from
1977. It's title 'African Jazz 1960' therefore seems a little strange.
On the frontcover we can see the lp's from which they were
extracted, hope to find them too one fine day. For now we'll
settle with these 12 fine songs and keep up hopes.


 1   Lucie Yenga & African Jazz - Josetta
 2   Lucie Yenga & African Jazz - Adios tsoutsou
 3   Bombenga Jeannot & African Jazz - Ai mi povre charro
 4   Casino & African Jazz - Boyoka African Jazz
 5   Lucie Yenga et Son Ensemble - Dit moninga
 6   Lucie Yenga et Son Ensemble - Bolingo ya la joie
 7   Tino Baroza et Son Ensemble - Coco
 8   Tino Baroza et Son Ensemble - Adolphine
 9   Kabasele et Son Ensemble - Kale kato
10  Kabasele et Son Ensemble - Ngai na yo se
11  Kabasele et Son Ensemble - Yalee
12  Kabasele et Son Ensemble – Parafifi

African Jazz 1960