Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stars of Zaïre, verse two
Various Artists, Blackspot /
Decca West Africa B-Spot 008, 1977

On 'Blackspot', a division of Decca West Africa we find this
fine collector of Congolese tracks. It is a Nigerian pressing
and part from a little hum in between the numbers it sounds
swell. We know at least one of the tracks from albums that
have passed by in the past but most songs are new here.
Funny variation appears to be track #8 by Dr. Nico, his
'Dragon le montre' sounds a lot like Johnny Bokelo's
'F.C. Dragon' which we know from Deram's 'Stars
from Zaïre vol.4'. Compare them if you've got it.
..Dragon Oye !..First of the treasures I found
at this weekend's fair. You know the drill,
get it & spread it !


1   l'Orchestre Conga 68 de Johnny Bokelo - Tambola na mokili
2   Orchestre Vévé - Fifi
3   Orchestre OK Jazz - Lumumba heros national
4   l'Orchestre Comete Mambo Techeza - Monthana
5   Mando Negro Kwala-Kwa - Awouba
6   Orchestre Cercul Jazz - Sapato
7   Orchestre Conga de Johnny Bokelo - Tolela ba oyo bakenda
8   Dr. Nico & l'African Fiesta - Dragon le montre

Stars of Zaïre, verse two


wilson orozco said...

moos thanks, for these musical gems.

saomusubi said...

Many thanks moos!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

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gracias, gracias

DJ Daudi said...

Nice! There are some titles I've not heard before.

Dennis said...

Thanks Moos - quality as ever!

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