Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shirati Luo Voice Jazz -
Ikwokirikwo Hits of East Africa,
Sungura 1972

For today's post we've got us an old Kenyan lp. It's from
1972 and soundquality is not the best, the music however is.
Shirati Luo Voice Jazz was their name in those days and
their leader was none less than D.O. Misiani who we know
from his later work with "Shirati Jazz". The cover you see I
found online, my copy came in a wrong cover unfortunately.
Nevertheless, even with cracks, pops and hiss,
I guess it's worth a couple of spins..
Get it and spread it..


 1   J.o. ramebeya
 2   Polina no.2
 3   Hezron macoto
 4   Margret odero olumbe
 5   Okwiri janyakach
 6   Jobwa no.2
 7   Margret wambwa
 8   Walton bunde
 9   D. kathorin ager
10  Shirati dhinyime
11  P.n. mcotieno
12  Sipi akeyo

Shirati Luo Voice Jazz


Kat Lechat said...

an absolute must
where else can one find it except for Your place Moos
Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this great LP.
The original Sungura cover and labels can be found at:

Arnol_79 said...

the covers are here;

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Rhythm Connection said...

Loving this, Moos. Thanks!

David said...

Even with cracks & pops this is worth spinning again and again and again and again... Fabulous E African music, LOVE this LP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Requesting more BENGA, please!