Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sam Mangwana et l'African All Stars 79 -
Suzana Coulibaly,
Disc Orient

Hello groovers, if you are a frequent visitor of this blog
you'll probably be aware of our problems with hosting
services. Recently I moved over to Zippyshare, I thought
our files would be save there. Unfortunately the opposite is
true. It looks like some hidden force is following us around
just to frustrate these completely harmless files. As you will
surely understand, this is the cause I don't post that much
music anymore. But, whoever is behind these disturbances,
the end of our problems is near. In a short while we'll start
working on a brand new page from where nobody can throw
away any of our precious files.
We'll get there eventually..

Today's post concerns an album by the great Sam Mangwana,
he appears oncemore with his African All Stars. The lp is a bit
worn out but that can't spoil the fun. The splendid guitars of
maître Dizzy Mandjeku and Lokassa ya Mbongo always find
a happy listening ear on this guy. It's probably from 1979.
You'd better grab it while it's still there,
it's a one time offer..


1   Suzana coulibaly
2   Eyebana
3   Mayimouna
4   Edoh

Suzana Coulibaly


calumbinho said...

Congratulations for your resilience despite the difficulties. Others would have given up, and we are very fortunate that your sheer stubbornness keeps your wonderful blog alive.

oro said...

Is there a solution for us ? Sharing music is the most important for me.

Anonymous said...

Unrefusable offer... thanks a million!!!

gilhodges said...

Calumbinho said it perfectly. We are the beneficiaries of not only your exquisite taste and abundant generosity, but your determination to share them. Thank you, moos.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Calumbinho, Thank You Oro, Thank You Gilhodges and last but not least, Thank You Moos
The Music you bring is such a delight for me.

Greetings from ratje toe Richard

David S said...

Was Syran Mbeanza on guitar here?

moos said... Syran here..

David said...

Great - Sam is back, Moos is back (again), life is good....!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the fire burning.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Zippyshare-files are auto-pruned after 30 days of NON-downloading. That means: If no-one has downloaded a file during the period of 30 days, the files will be deleted by Zippyshare. Maybe that is that "hidden force"?

To keep a file alive after the 30 days, it has to be downloaded by someone. Downloading a file will earn it an extended life of 30 days.

moos said...

It is no news to me that files will expire after 30 days without download. However when a file already disappears within the first 30 days, something else is going on, don't you agree ?

Mukolwe said...

Thanks a lot moos for helping us keep those good memories. Could you by any chance be having the LP En Emour Pas De Calcul by Tabuley? I was not able to open your email link.

Valentina said...

This is cool!