Sunday, February 24, 2013

Drunken Songs - Various Artists

As some of you know I used to have a shadowblog called
Ramdog's Rough Site. It is still there but ever since Mediafire
threw away all files it is waiting for renewal. At the moment it
just works as a spamcatcher so I thought I'd renew some of
it's posts here at the Global Groove. This one is a compilation
of booze tracks I made quite some time ago, hope U like'm..


 1   Outkast - Drinking again ( interlude )
 2   Eddie Harris - Drunk man
 3   José Alfredo Jimenez - Llego borracho el borracho
 4   Jim White - God was drunk when he made me
 5   Louis Jordan - What's the use of getting sober ?
 6   Alfredo Gutierrez - La banda borracha
 7   General Echo - Drunken master
 8   Elizeth Cardoso - Eu bebo sim
 9   Ace Cannon - Drunk
10  Davilita - El borracho
11  U Roy and Hopeton Lewis - Tom drunk
12  Jimmy Rogers - Sloppy drunk
13  Los Ahijados - El borracho
14  Coley Jones - Drunkard's special
15  Cuarteto Flores - Borracho no vale
16  Calixto Ochoa - El muerto borracho
17  Jorginho do Império - Assim é demais
18  Grupo Fantasma - Borracho
19  Djalma Ferreira e os Milionarios do Ritmo - Drinkando
20  Lew Irwin & The Credibility Gap - Drunk voter

Drunken Songs


Kat Lechat said...

yeah, great choice to revive the Ramgod items, please re-up the Chappo , not specially for me, I still have it on the pc, but that album was probably one I liked most.Clifton Chenier yes, I see next post, and you had Zappa, but who helps remembering Roger Chapman.

Thank You Moos

greetings Richard

Anonymous said...

We're goin' drinkin' all around the world!--Bill