Friday, January 4, 2013

Tagrijn Reünie 2013 - De Hits van Vroeger

Something special tonight, a compilation of songs we used
to play a whole lot in the past. Tagrijn was a youthcenter I
frequented at the end of the 70's and early 80's. Tonight's
reünion made me compile this little collector for those who
are interested. Some songs are younger but they breathe the
atmosphere we all loved in those days, hope U like..


 1   Big Youth - Marcus Garvey dread
 2   Mink Deville - Spanish stroll
 3   Black Uhuru - Sponji reggae
 4   Ian Dury & the Blockheads - Billericay Dickey
 5   Jimmy Cliff - The harder they come
 6   The Clash - Armageddon time
 7   Althia and Donna - Uptown top ranking
 8   Elvis Costello - Watching the detectives
 9   Barrington Levy - Black roses
10  Iggy Pop The passenger
11  Prince Buster - Al Capone
12  The Meters - Jungle man
13  Dave and Ansell Collins - Double barrel
14  Allen Toussaint - Everything I do gonna be funky
15  Linton Kwesi Johnson - Want fi goh rave
16  Cypress Hill - Hits from the bong
17  Junior Byles - Demonstration
18  Booker-T & the MG's - Green onions
19  The Maytals - Broadway jungle
20  Shabba Ranks - Wicked inna bed

Tagrijn Reünie 2013


Barron said...

Is that you on the cover? Seated, on the left?
Thanks for this. Looks like an entertaining mix.

Happy New Year, Moos. May the file sharing services treat you better this year!

moos said...

Ha ha ha, no that's not me. It's an old friend, this picture is from
1978 if I'm not mistaking, long long time ago...

Anonymous said...

Certainly some classics here.

Thank you


African Music Recycler said...

it must be a good time in amsterdam at that time ;)
thx for the compilation.


African Music Recycler said...

correcting: Hilversum!


Kitanda said...

Thanks Moos, lots of great stuff at that time and your selection is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and my high respect to you, Moos, for holding on and not giving in after all the hassle in 2012. Have a great and rewarding 2013! The Chairman

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this mix, my kinda music, we seem to be appr. the same age. After, say, a month or two, would you perhaps be inspired to make us another just like this one? Pretty please.

Take care,

Jan said...

Bedankt Moos goeie muziek vooral na de reunie leuk om te luisteren .oud sentiment.