Saturday, January 19, 2013

Seven "7 inches" from Congo, vol.3
Various Artists

In our 7" compilations series I've made us another
Congolese singles comp. It concerns 7 Pathé singles
of which I ripped both sides each. Some well known
and some lesser known groups from Congo's seventies.
Hope you like'm as much as I do,
get it and spread it !
..nice weekend..


 1   Orchestre Negro Bandombe - Ngai ida nakoka
 2   Orchestre Negro Bandombe - Nakomi caini namokili
 3   Orchestre Hi-Fives - Nichukume twende kwako
 4   Orchestre Hi-Fives - Nakokufa lokola nyama
 5   Mando Negro - Martine
 6   Mando Negro - Celina
 7   Orchestre Tabou National - Ndayi
 8   Orchestre Tabou National - Seli
 9   Franco et l'OK Jazz - Mele
10  Franco et l'OK Jazz - Mowunbu ya makanisi
11  Mando Negro Kwala-Kwa - Daudet lingaka
12  Mando Negro Kwala-Kwa - Yakali
13  Les Bantous de la Capitale - Isabelle mwana ya kin
14  Les Bantous de la Capitale – Macaro

Seven '7 inches' from Congo, vol.3

Seven '7 inches' from Congo, vol.1
Seven '7 inches' from Congo, vol.2


aduna said...

Many thanks Moos.

Anonymous said...

Was just enjoying Vol. 2 again yesterday so this is most welcome.

Thanks Moos


Anonymous said...

Excellent--thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful music from the Congo... Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear the first two volumes as well! -john

Apurva Bahadur said...

Thank you for the latest compilation of Congolese Grooves. Apurva from Pune, India.

Anonymous said...

thnx fur the efforts & vur the share!! have a good one / stay warm!!

LolaRadio said...

gracias amigo!

Anonymous said...

I love all three of these, thank you so much!

African Music Recycler said...

a special thank you!!


Goofy said...

Hi Moos!
Sadly I get a msg "File does not exist on this server" when trying to dld Vol. 3.

moos said...

I re-upped it, works again..

Bali Hotels said...

Nice Post.... i love it

Goofy said...

Works indeed. Big thanks Moos!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting "File does not exist on this server" on all 3 vols.

Anonymous said...

Vol 3 is now there. Any chance you could re-up vol 1 & 2? I loved vol 3.

KongKing said...

Vol 3 works now,many thanks.
But sadly Zippyshare still says
Vol 1 and Vol 2 files
"do not exist on this server".
Moos, please re-up these as well when you have time.

kissmynoose said...

Many thanks for this and your other posts. Your site is a horn of plenty for wonderful music. Unfortunately I can only download Vol 3 - the other two links show a message: "File does not exist on this server"

Anonymous said...

great post, thanks.
I found n.3 but 1 and 2 are now missing from the server

moos said...

Okay, fixed them one more time, enjoy..

Anonymous said...

got'em!! Thanks so much!!! Awesome stuff...makes my month. Thank YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

no, YOU are very kind !
Thanks for the re-up

Stéph said...

Thanks for the re-up !

Anonymous said...

Mr Moos
Thank you for so much amazing music. I cannot get any of the 7" series. Are the links dead?

BrisbaneMusic said...

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Anonymous said...

Ho ho got back from the polar ice too late(I work and travel to unewired northern countries)......these promissing music pieces are gone....Any chance of re-ups dear ????

Marie-Eve, a faithfull admirer from Québec

pigshitpoet said...

i think it's sad that we are not able to hear anything from this posting. i think it is criminal how the recording distributors have eliminated blogs that share information about music leaving a wasteland of culture, like has happened to the people of africa and other third world countries and is now happening to first world countries. whoever they are, they should shove their sopa up their pipa.

Franck said...

Hello from Philippines. Thank for your great site.
As Marie-Eve recently, and others people reading the comments have again some trouble with links. Great if you could re-up ! Thanks !

Anonymous said...

links dead to all 3 volumes, thanks zippyshare