Sunday, January 6, 2013

Roger Izeidi-Mokoy a Paris présente
le Seigneur Rochereau et
l'African Fiesta National - "le Peuple",

Good morning globe, I hope you all recovered from your
newyear's ball. 2013 promises to become a swell new year,
I trust it will be. Let me tell you how things are developing
here at the GG. I receive loads of complaints about links
that do not work. I know they don't. The new page and
server I promised you to install are still on hold because
the man I need to do the job is currently very occupied.
The work that needs to be done is of such complexity,
I am really unable to perform. Sorry to all of you who are
waiting for the new page to become active, it will take
a bit longer I'm affraid, so just hang on with patience.
It may even take two or three more monhts.

That being said, let's turn to today's post. To comfort you
while waiting, a true treasure is coming your way. If I under-
stood well, my French is not that good, this must be the
first "33 tours" that the great Rochereau launched. According
to Gilles Sala, who wrote the backsleeve's note, Rochereau
presented a new type of dance here they called le "Djohbs",
a blend of soukous, jerk and boucher. I am not familiar with
a lot of dances but believe it must have been awesome to
see. Let's just listen and enjoy this wonderful music..


1   Mokrano
2   Gipsy
3   Kashama nkoy
4   Caroline mama
5   Toyota
6   Kasala
7   Mon mari est capable
8   Bel Abidjan

"le Peuple"


WrldServ said...

Very nice!
Good to see these earlier compilations emerging (this was later reissued as African 360.004, which you have posted earlier).
The 'jobs' became a very popular style, especially with bands like Verckys' Vévé and such. As to its origin I have heard several versions.

Jaime said...

Love the ol' stuff. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Moos your a lucky guy with these finds. Wrld Service is right but in fact you have posted this twice before, second time it was Sonafric 50 004 but as a lot of your posts have been taken down this is well worth putting back into circulation in any cover, lovely album.



Apurva Bahadur said...

Many thanks Deejay Moos - much appreciated! Apurva from Pune, India.

Moook said...

Good old stuff, just the way I like it. Keep it groovy !

Speaking of grooves, there's a website that I like that has a category called this way, here : Grooves
Some of their songs are barely groove, but I can understand why they ended up there.

Peace !

Likedeeler said...

Hi Mr Deejay, thanks for this. Again! Please keep me in the loop for your new project. Regards from Berlin