Saturday, January 12, 2013

le Docteur Nico et l'Orchestre
African Fiesta - Toute l'Afrique
Danse, vol.3, Ngoma

backsleeve note;
"The kiri-kiri is a marvelous discovery of Docteur Nico, the
whole Congo is under the ascendancy of this new dance;
born by the contact of elements of the traditional music of
this country with tonalities and modern rhythms.
The creator genius of Docteur Nico comes out here with a
dazzling selfcontrol and warm verve; really one is taken away
by a festival of solos and rhythms, kiri-kiri is the resultant of
the soucouss, rumba and jerk."
This album has also been released as Sonafric 50.003,
our copy on Ngoma has some traces of intensive play
but sounds more or less exceptable, listen..


 1   Sukisa liwa na ngai
 2   Talaka na miso
 3   Maria maria
 4   Capacité ya bolingo
 5   Jeanine
 6   Olga
 7   Munka
 8   Pergola
 9   Sanduku etundi
10  Felie

Toute l'Afrique Danse


AKMA said...

Is there any connection between le Docteur Nico and Prince Nico? It seems unusual enough to find two recording artists with honorific modifiers, but Africa is a big place.....

moos said...

.. no connection as far as I know, Dr. Nico Kassanda is from Congo and Prince Nico Mbarga from Nigeria..

AKMA said...

Well, there we are, that’s me foolish and provincial. Thanks for the word.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Apurva Bahadur said...

Thank you Deejay Moos. Apurva from Pune, India.

Anonymous said...

thnx Moos for all yr beautiful shares!!!