Friday, December 28, 2012

Orchestre Génération - Merveilles du Passé,
Shakara Music 1988

Need some stuff to dance on at your newyears evening ?
This piece of retro will shake up the place guaranteed.


1   Retro
2   Ramazani II
3   Ayo nbadé

Merveilles du Passé

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Roy Chicago and Sir Victor Uwaifo
Afro Rhythm Parade vol.5 & 6
Dancing Time No.7
3 EP's on One,
Philips 'West African' Records

Roy Chicago

What's up groovers ? I'll tell you what. It's Roy Chicago
and Victor Uwaifo. Last saturday I was pleasantly surprised
to meet with one of the French guys I used to see at the
Utrecht recordfair twice a year. He gave me a call and came
over to my little shop where we sat and talked. Thanks Remi
for this unexpected visit. Remi brought with him a couple of
LP's from Haïti and some West African EP's. They changed
of owner that evening and today, on this 25th of december, they
find their way to you groovers. I ripped the EP's for you to begin
with. 3 EP's in one file for you to download as a Christmas gift.
The Haïtian lp's will follow some day soon, but for now, this
marvelous material, easy peaceful
listening pleasure..check..


 1   Roy Chicago & his Rhythm Dandies - Esin o wewu
 2   Roy Chicago & his Rhythm Dandies - Maria
 3   Roy Chicago & his Rhythm Dandies - Sere fun mi baby
 4   Roy Chicago & his Rhythm Dandies - Enuwa abumkeoye
 1   Roy Chicago & his Rhythm Dandies - Abi mama
 2   Roy Chicago & his Rhythm Dandies - Ma fagba se yeye
 3   Roy Chicago & his Rhythm Dandies - Olowo gba'ya ole
 4   Roy Chicago & his Rhythm Dandies - Olojo nka'jo
1   Sir Victor Uwaifo and his Melody Maestros - Siwo-siwo
2  Sir Victor Uwaifo and his Melody Maestros - Agege ogiobo
3  Sir Victor Uwaifo and his Melody Maestros - Do amendo
4  Sir Victor Uwaifo and his Melody Maestros - Joromi

3 EP's on One

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

King Sunny Adé & his African Beats - Explosion,
Sunny Alade Records Ltd., 1984

Hello groovers, finally solved my internet problems at home base,
lots of sh*t came in between but we're there.. It's been some
time now that people ask for this particular KSA album. Quite
recently I found it and now here it is. Always a thrill to walk into
that special one. It is SALPS 40 on his own Sunny Alade Records
Limited label. Suck on this for a while,
be back soon..


1   Kirakira
-    Oro agba
2   Iya mi ( my mother )
-   Iwa ni ka tun se
-   Maa gbure
3   Owo genge
-   Aja to nle 'koko
-   Anjuwon o see wi
-   Nwon nbinu
-   Lara won lo wa


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Michele Leal and Zecalouro play 'Berimbau'

Good evening, I am going through some hardware problems at my regular
workplace at the moment so everything is hold up a bit. Some dear visitor
already thinks I am too slow, shit happens. In the meantime I have something
rather nice for fans of Brazilian music and in special the friends of Zecalouro.
He sent me this little video on which he performs with his friend Michele Leal.
Zeca plays the bass and be honest, he treats it righteous and with passion.
Thanks for the video Zeca, love it..

Sunday, December 2, 2012

C.K. Mann & Kofi Yankson - Together !,
Essiebons Enterprises Ltd. 1977

Have you heard of C.K. Mann ? He works together with
Kofi Yankson and the All Masters on this album. Another
big name is Ebo Taylor who was responsible for the
arrangements on 'Wommaa Yensuo Mu', #4 of side one.
I am not sure if he performs on this album as well but
there's a good chance. Get it and spread it ! ..thnx..


1   Anwanwa do
2   Minyim a nkye mammba
3   Medze anyonkogor
4   Wommaa yensuo mu
5   Egya wo mba roko
6   Beyi fi yen do
7   Asem ato me
8   Biribiara botwam ako

C.K. Mann