Monday, November 26, 2012

Passy Mermans - Les Grands
Succes Africains vol. 6,
Pathe Marconi 1976

Every time I go to the Utrecht recordfair I meet with one
of the French recorddealers. This guy always brings some
special material. Take this record, a discovery I made through
him this time. From 1976 on Pathé Marconi we found Passy
Mermans. He is performing here with Orchestre Bantous, 1,2,3,
4 & 9, Orchestre Lisolo, 7 & 8 and Orchestre Les Nzoy, 5 & 6. The
Lisolo orchestra developed from a group called Mando Négro under
the leadership of Passy Mermans. I suspect family ties with Belgium
descendants concerning his last name. ( 'Verckys' does the same.. )
Although I pay a fair price for the lp's, I'm happy to find people making
available such rare lost treasures for us to find and reanimate. Don't
just get it, but be sure to also spread it and breathe
new life into it.. damn good..


1   Badette
2   C'est serieux tantine
3   Bubote mona pele
4   A mon avis
5   Ata ko poso moko
6   Mazekimba
7   Masolo
8   Owelaki mingi
9   A.T.C. voie ferree


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Candelazos Curro vol. 8
con la Orquesta Melodia,
la Sonora Curro y el
Super Combo de Curramba,
Discos Curro

Good evening, the groove of today is going to be a Colombian
one. On Discos Curro we have us an album with songs by three
groups. Orquesta Melodia, La Sonora Curro and Super Combo
de Curramba. It is not exactly clear what band plays which song.
The cover does not give that information nor does the label of the
record. How ever they organised it, I don't really care. The music is
so hot, it makes one forget such futilities. So get it and spread it,
it is one of the hottest Colombian sounds I ever heard, enjoy..


 1   Palenquerita
 2   Arroz con coco
 3   Jalaito moreno
 4   Avivata
 5   El tigre pampanilla
 6   Pon tu mano en mi corazón
 7   Que toque rufo
 8   Ah... como no sabia
 9   Taki taki
10  La carestía
11  Moncho emiliani
12  No fumo

Palenquerita ( new link )

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big Star - # One Record & Radio City,
Line Records 1990

When watching one of my favourite TV shows last night, they
had quite a nice surprise. Tim Knol, a Dutch singer appeared
with Jody Stephens, one of the original members of Big Star.
For many an unknown group from the early seventies. They
only existed a couple of years but made some very nice
records. I thought it would be something else for a change
to post some pop music from the old days. Towards the end
of the year I always tend to play loads of different styles of
music. Variation is a must for me, it helps to remain sharp.
So if you saw DWDD last night as well and wondered about
the rest of the material, check this,
hope U like,..


 1   Feel
 2   The ballad of el goodo
 3   In the stree
 4   Thirteen
 5   Don't lie to me
 6   The india song
 7   When my baby's beside me
 8   My life is right
 9   Give me another chance
10  Try again
11  Watch the sunrise
12  St 100/6
13  O my soul
14  Life is white
15  Way out west
16  What's going ahn
17  You get what you deserve
18  Mod lang
19  Back of a car
20  Daisy glaze
21  She's a mover
22  September gurls
23  Morpha too
24  I'm in love with a girl

Big Star

P.S. this two lp's on one cd was released in 1990 on 'Line Records'.
Oh, I forgot to add the tracklist and correct photo to the rar-file
you can copy them from here..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bossa Nova Gosto de Loronix,
Various Artists

For those who like to listen to laid back Brazilian music
from the sixties and seventies, I made us this compilation.
Before you start commenting, let me be the first to say;
You're right, this is not only bossa nova. This comp also
contains some samba, chorinho and MPB for instance. I just
picked a nice cover from the pile of Loronix material, after
all, it was made under the spell of Zecalouro who taught us
so much about this wonderful almost gorgotten music.
Consider it another tribute to Loronix and Zeca,
Hope U like..


 1   Elis Regina - Folhas secas
 2   Thelma - O que é que a bahiana tem
 3   Nara Leão - Minha nega
 4   Sambalanço Trio - Samba pro pedrinho
 5   Sylvia Telles - Com você
 6   Elizeth Cardoso - Na cadência do samba
 7   Maria Bethania - Trés apitos
 8   Abel Ferreira - Chorando baixinho
 9   Dorival Caymmi - Eo não tenho onde morar
10  The Bossa Three - Blues walk
11  Astrud Gilberto - Você ja foi a bahia
12  Ed Lincoln - Cochise
13  João Gilberto - O samba da minha terra
14  Djalma Ferreira e os Milionarios do Ritmo - Drinkando
15  Claudette Soares - Bom tempo
16  Milton Banana - Cidade vazia
17  Celly Campo - Banho de lua
18  Alberto Mota e seu Conjunto - Samba triste

Gosto de Loronix

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Congo, Tours de Force 9 & 10

Congolese post # 400 is here.
It would have been a real party
if all 400 would have working links
but nevertheless it is a happy post.
I've made us two compilations in the
Congo, Tours de Force series
and as always, I loved compiling them.
18 songs I love playing
and I hope you do too,
have fun..

vol.9, tracks;

1   Max Massengo - Masseke
2   le Canon du Zaïre - Monotonie
3   Daniel Engobo - Mag
4   La 'Mus' Africa - Atanazaudo kombo nangai
5   l'Orchestre Minzoto Wella-Wella - Pingula
6   Youlou Mabiala - Papy
7   Orchestre Super Tembessa - Yambi club tembessa
8   Minzoto ya Zaïre - Ilunga
9   Orchestre Bella-Bella - Lipua Lipua


vol.10, tracks;

1   Orchestre Shama-Shama - Mopaya loba
2   Nguashi Ntimbo & l'Orchestre Sentima - Citoyen pt.2
3   Celi Bittsu - Lassissi
4   Michel Boyibanda - Ba bijoux ya tchicaya
5   African Kings Pili Pili - Pepe pierrette
6   Orchestre Vévé - Sakumuna
7   Les Kamale - Salanga
8   l'Orchestre Bella Bella & Soki Vangu - Pambi ndoni
9   Johnny Bokelo Isenge - Liwa ya ndika somo


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orchestre Telé-Music - Embouteillage

It was in august 2010 that I posted one of their albums, about
time to follow up that fine lp. Our friend dj Daudi from Ambiance
Congo used the first one of these tracks in his online radioshow in april.
Smooth piece of Brazzaville sound from the old days and
GG's 399th Congolese post, # 400 is in the making.
Listen with pleasure..


1   Foya d'ambiance
2   Tiana mwan'ou diosso
3   Devis ngoma
4   Ngambo