Saturday, September 29, 2012

Josky Kiambukuta - le Commandant de Bord,
Editions Sans Frontières
Musica Nova

It's saturday and I am in a Congolese mood.
What do we have cookin' for ya today ? An lp by one of the
finest singers who worked with the legendary Franco. Josky
Kiambukuta with his delightful voice brought along a few of
the best to accompany him. I am speaking about Madilu
Systeme, Ntesa Dalienst and Malage de Lugendo. Another
one of my heroes is lead guitarist Dizzy Mandjeku, famous
for working with Sam Mangwana and the African All Stars.
They have put together this absolute stunning album with
striking pleasure, that much is obvious, hope U like'm..


1   Chandra
2   Namabele
3   Aziza
4   Mibali bosala attention


Sunday, September 23, 2012

King Sunny Adé & his African Beats
Togetherness ( Ka Jo Se )
Sunny Alade Records Ltd. 1984

Good day to you groovers, yesterday, 22nd of september was
the birthday of this here star. King Sunny Adé who made a huge
pile of records turned 66 years of age. Unfortunately the links are
still dead and waiting for a second or third life at the GG. This is
an lp from 1984, just after his big European breakthrough.
Let's celebrate by giving it a worldwide spin,
happy birthday King Sunny !


1   Ebe la nbe eledumare
-    Ida'lu nise'lu
-    Idunne wa ni
-    Eje kajo se
2   Mo dupe ore temi
-    Ojojumo l'aje npawo
-    Ere oge
-    Ariya la nse


P.S. Hang on in there,
the Global Groove will also
get a second life some day
in the near future. we're
working on it..

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chuíto - El Decano de Los Cantores,
vol.5, Ansonia

From Puerto Rico we have us another album by the great Chuíto.
He performs a style called 'jíbaro' of which we had several other
lp's. The most famous artists in this genre must be 'Ramito',
'Chuíto', 'Odilio Gonzalez' and 'German Rosario'. I love
the pure and honest instrumentation in this type of
sound, the years in which Ansonia released these
albums are to be guessed but that doesn't spoil
the fun of listening to them, enjoy.


 1   El regreso de la vieja voladora
 2   Santo nombre de jesus
 3   En amor no pego una
 4   Seguire tu amor
 5   Si yo fuera mozo
 6   El jaragual
 7   Manjares navideños
 8   Ni hablar del peluquin
 9   La joya de los campanos
10  Para mi no hay navidad
11  Morire como mojica
12  El cotorro y la cotorra


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Joe Higgs - "Unity is Power",
Elevation 1978

This is the guy that taught Bob Marley and the Wailers to sing
properly. "The Wailers weren't singers untill I taught them. It took
me years to teach Bob Marley what sound consciousness was
about, it took me years to teach the Wailers. For example, they
will be going to make a record and I would go with them, and
there is somebody making constant mistakes. I would just have
to take this part in order to get the record finished in time."
Bob Marley began singing in informal sessions at Joe Higgs'
yard on Trench Town's Third Street in 1960. The Wailers first
got together there in 1961, initially calling themselves 'The
Teenagers'. After quitting the Wailers at the end of spring 1973,
Bunny Livingstone Wailer became unwilling to leave Jamaica.
Joe Higgs, the goup's original Trench Town mentor, took his
place for the illfated tour with Sly & the Family Stone.
( Rough Guide ) This is an album from 1978, listen...


 1   Devotion
 2   One man kutchie
 3   Unity is power
 4   Gold or silver
 5   Love can't be wrong
 6   Vineyard
 7   Small world
 8   Think of the moment
 9   Sadness is a part of my heart
10  Sons of garvey


Friday, September 7, 2012

Kumapim Royal's Band - Mani Agyina Wo,
Brobisco House of Music

Are you ready for some Ghanaian highlife ? This group made some jewels
of records. I thought I had posted one before but I didn't so there's at least
one more waiting to come your way. Try this one first and if you like it a
lot, the next will follow soon. Akwasi Ampofo Adjei or 'Dada Thick', the
Shining Star brings you 'Mani Agyina Wo',...listen...


1   Adee a owuo aye
2   Mani agyina
3   Ohoho obatani
4   Asamando
5   Mene wo ara
6   Memmo tuo
7   Asamando 2nd
8   Mesu mefre wu