Thursday, August 30, 2012

Orchestre Bantous de la Capitale -
Special 20e Anniversaire,

I think almost everything this group has released is golden.
For their 20th anniversary they made this double album, a
real nice treat. Don't hesitate cause these days it's get it
while you can. Give it a spin and pass it on.



1   Solama
2   Mokakoswa na ba bantous
3   Machette
4   Oh quelle chance


1   François faux mari
2   Nzo za sueka nsamu
3   Monologue
4   Kokaba ya sens unique


Monday, August 27, 2012

Gentleman Mike Ejeagha and his Trio -
Akuko N'egwu Original vol.2,
PolyGram Records 1984

Ultra laid back West African minimal sound by Mike Ejeagha & his Trio.
Mike Ejeagha is a folklore musician from Enugu State, Nigeria. He
had his first hit in 1960, his tracks are little story's accompanied by
guitar and drums. All compositions are his own and the lyrics are
in Igbo language. This is an album from 1984, it's volume two and
follows up volume one. It concerns a story about the
fearful animal Aneke Otulukpa. Read the
above lines if you like, click on it,


1   Mgba enwude akpulu
2   Ebini nwe ude


Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Peacocks International
Guiter Band - Ejiogu,

The Peacocks International Guiter Band led by Raphael
Amarabem are here again. I posted another lp some time
ago of which the link is still dead as are all links momentarily.
Very relaxed Nigerian highlife you'll surely enjoy. "Ejiogu" is
it's title and was made in memory of late Nathan Nwokoma
Ejiogu of Egbu, Owerri, who died in 1972. Listen.


 1   Onye aghala nwanneya
 2   Odo biro
 3   Onwu ebeara igbu ejiogu
 4   Nkwo orji
 5   Feresirima
 6   Enwegh mmanu
 7   Batetu
 8   Oji onyike egbu aruru
 9   Aya simole
10  Ezenwata nwannem wu oke osisi

P.S. Zippyshare's links keep working as long as they are
kept active through downloads. After one month without
being downloaded they will automatically die, so help us
out for the time being and down them every once in a while
just to keep them alive. You're a good sport, thanks a lot.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pepe Kalle & Nyboma - Moyibi,
Syllart Production

Pepe Kalle & Nyboma are here to make you dance.
On Syllart Productions comes this joyable album. I
made some plans with my engineer to set up a new
page. We're gonna get a dedicated server and shall try
to copy all the old posts in a more or less comparable
format. It is going to take a while to get things done so
please hang on. One thing is certain, Nobody is going to
delete a single post or link if it isn't me or my engineer.
It's the only way to be sure of a safe and certain future
for the Global Groove. A little patience
and all shall be fine.


1   Moyibi
2   Amour perdu
3   Eve matoko
4   Nina
5   Likambo
6   Pres du coeur


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla and
his Fuji 78 Organisation -
American Yankee, PolyGram Records 1987

Dear Groovers around the Globe, I am still enjoying my
summer break but to show a sign of life, this here post.
Zippyshare is a temporary thing and I seriously think
getting my own serverspace is the best solution for the
future. I want to say welcome back in cyberspace Nauma.
So good to see they can kill our blogs but they can't kill
our spirits. "music has always been free, like the birds,
the water we drink, the sun and in reality there is no way
to cage music if you don't want to kill it. have you heard
of anyone able to imprison love, passion, despair or joy ?
very few seem to remember or even understand this simple
truth but more are starting to realize it."( great quote Nauma )
I hope you enjoy Chief Kollingtons 'American Yankee'. Did you
know the word 'yankees' comes from two very common Dutch
names, 'Jan' and 'Kees' ? funny thing. The Netherlands are going
through a period of warm to hot weather at the moment and today
we'll reach temperatures up to 38º Celsius in some parts. Perfect
occasion for a trip to the Amsterdam Vondelpark this afternoon.
The Global Groove Soundsystem will settle down under the big
trees next to Vondel's statue from about 15.00 hrs. If you are in
the opportunity to pass by, please do. We'll free some tropical
melodies in the open air like, samba, calypso, reggae, rumba,
son montuno, highlife, forró, juju, chimurenga, benga, ska, etc.


1   Modupe mo ji s'aye
-    Aropin ni t'eniyan
-    Ko seni to sonu ninu wa
-    Emi ni professor master
-    Ayinla bori won o
2   Mass mobilisation ( mamser )
-    Mr. jumoke ogunkeye
-    Mother jolomi
-    Iyawo asinge
-    Teleda lase


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Huge disappointment

dear visitors,

It's incredible how Mediafire has tricked me again. I asked them to restore my files after I had removed the posts that caused the problem. The IFPI told me they withdrawn the complaint so I thought we would be okay again. Then Mediafire sent me a message;

Please give us the correct email adress so we can pull up your account.
I provided it and then received this message ;

Thank you for clarifying. The account is permanently suspended due to a Terms of Service violation
and all files have since been deleted from the account.

I'll leave Mediafire for good this time and think of other solutions,
damn, it is so disappointing...check you later..

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mediafire suspended my account once more !

Dear visitors of the Global Groove,
Here we go again, for the second time Mediafire has suspended
my account and that leaves us empty-handed again. Again they
claim I have made available music with copyright protection, the files
they refer to are African Retro vol.3 and les Stars des Annees 50, both
very much out of print and unobtainable in any other way. Again I don't
understand shit about this action. I find blogs that offer complete cd's
that you can still buy in the regular cd-stores and they also use Mediafire
without problems. The party that reported my so called violation is one
from London and I strongly suspect the same ones that f***ed us before.
They just can't stand it that I bring complete albums for free, eventhough they
are absolutely not available elsewhere. So what can I say or do ?
I guess nothing. When I try to get a response, Mediafire does not
give me any relevant information, it is impossible to get them to give
me a personal answer. Only automatically generated mails that speak
of things like I have published pornographic content and so on.
Dear groovers, I am so very sorry to let you down once more !

So what next ?
It is summertime, the weather is high and I am not letting this spoil
my good mood. I guess it is time for something else for at least a
while. .

I know that lots of you loyal visitors still have the files we lost and many
of you are willing to help in some way. However, I'm not sure I want to
continue the way I did before. Maybe all this is meant to open my eyes
and make me realize I should change methods and do things different.
I'm gonna need some time to contemplate on this....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sam Mangwana - Megamix,
Syllart Records

Alright, okay, so you want more soukous, dancepower
Congolese style, check this megamix with Sam Mangwana,
Ballou Canta, Soki Vangu, Lokassa ya Mbongo, Dally Kimoko,
Syran Mbenza and others. Two times around 15 minutes of stirred
up classics mixed together for Syllart, kick aside furniture and
do what comes natural...enjoy..


1   Mado
-    Yambi cherie
-    Sans soucis
-    Waka waka
-    Pami doni
-    Moussa
2   Georgette
-    Matinda
-    Bana ba cameroun
-    Souzana
-    Diamo diamo