Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Syran Mbenza - Sisika,
Syllart Production

If you ask for soukous, with a strong drive, always powerful,
Syran Mbenza is your man. Here's an lp on Syllart to support
that statement. With Wuta May, Jean Papy and Ballou Canta
doing vocals & tight beats by Denis Hekiman.
funky african bass by Miguel Yamba, wow..,
get it and listen, see if it gets to you too...


1   Sauce bloque
2   Mambu ve
3   Fatouma
4   Lulendo
5   Sisika


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zaïko Langa-Langa - Jetez l'Éponge,
Prozal / SIM's 1989

Zaïko Langa-Langa was not only a group of musicians, they
were also famous for the dances they initiated. Some of which
became quite popular, like the 'cavacha' and the 'zekete-zekete'.
On this 1989 album, the tracks on side-a are all melted together
and will make you dance untill you drop. Jivin' hot material I'd say.


1   Sos maya
-    Zizita
-    Kabobo
-    Pa oki
-    Baniongo
-    Anzele muambu
2   Mofiti
3   Nono
4   Bolingo etumbu


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Joel Teixeira - Um Sorriso Amigo,
EMI / Odeon 1982

Long time since I posted some samba. I really got in
the mood for some Brazillian stuff the past few days.
Here's an album I had waiting for quite some time.
I think Joel Teixeira is a very underrated sambista.
From the very beginning I heard his music I was
convinced of his skills. 12 great samba's
for lovers of the genre.


 1   Um sorriso amigo
 2   Minha terra
 3   Simplesmente saudade
 4   Surra de amor
 5   Não haverá outra vez
 6   É madrugada
 7   Fica combinado assim
 8   Um novo amanhecer
 9   Hoje sou felicidade
10  Violência
11  Quero ser feliz contigo
12  A saudade dela


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bumba Massa et les Redoutables,
Africa New Sound 1985

With this 392 we're slowly working to a magic 400
Congolese posts. A great amount of the links is still
down as you know, still...for the moment we just do
some new albums. This one by Bumba Massa with
'les Redoutables' for instance. John B.'s Likembe tells
us more about him. Maybe it didn't become the
breakthrough he meant for, I think this is
an album we'll all love listening to.


1   Après toi
2   Motema ya meme
3   Corps a corps
4   Acha omemi ngambo


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Upsetters - Double Seven,
Trojan 1976

If I'm not mistaking, this lp should be out of print today. I could
only find it second hand, the cd too. If I'm wrong, we'll know it
soon enough. For now let's have it and enjoy it. Waap you waa..


 1   The Upsetters – Kentucky skank
 2   U-Roy – Double six
 3   David Isaacs – Just enough to keep me hanging on
 4   The Upsetters – In the laah
 5   The Upsetters – Jungle lion
 6   David Isaacs –  We are neighbours
 7   The Upsetters – Soul man
 8   U-Roy – Stick together
 9   I-Roy – High fashion
10  The Upsetters – Long sentence
11  The Upsetters – Hail stones
12  The Upsetters – Iron side
13  The Upsetters – Cold weather
14  The Upsetters – Waap you waa


Thursday, July 19, 2012

David Tochino Biniakounou - Self Titled,
Safari Ambiance

David Tochino Biniakounou started his career very young
in l'Orchestre Super Tembessa. We had one of their albums
some time ago. After that he made a round performing with
African Negro, Cercul Jazz, Mack, Kimba, Negro Band,
ATC-Music and l'Ensemble Musical de 8 février. He was
an allround artist, playing guitar and drums, being a
vocalist, writer, composer and arranger,
get it now and spread it somehow !

Master Mwana Congo - Solo guitar
Rigo Star - Rhythm guitar
Gérard Kimbolo - 2nd Rhythm guitar
Kinzonzi du Soleil - Bass
David Tochino - Lead vocals
André Pamomiel - 2nd Vocal
Clotaire Douley - 3rd Vocal
Kanda Bongo - 4th Vocal
Domingo Sassero - Drums
N'kouri Prosper - Tumba percussion
Ernesto Tito Puentes - Trompet
Clémente Lozano - Trompet, flute
G. Fellove - Saxophone


1   Ayle
2   Calvaire
3   La prisienne
4   Okalette
5   Boni elaka


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kakaiku's Band - Adadam Paa Nie, vol.2

Moses Kwaku Oppong, the leader of Kakaiku's Guitar Band,
was born in 1916 in Acra. He quitt elementary school aged
fourteen just to be able to play his guitar. The Nigerian tenant
that worked at his parent's house used to shout at him; 'Kai ku'
meaning; 'look here' or 'hi Kwaku', this became his nickname.
He worked as blacksmith, winch greaser and driver of engines
at Aboso Gold Mines and played his guitar at parties, wake-
keepings and funerals. He named his band after his childhood
nickname and made over 500 records, an enormous amount.
Listen to this 'Adadam Paa Nie, vol. 2, with it's funny cover.
( ...if anyone could explain this sleeve illustration..? )
P.S. soundquality is a bit poor, unfortunately...
volume one is here


 1   Ose ye marima mra
 2   Aboa apatupre
 3   Wo kyiri me
 4   Abrabo ye bona
 5   If you love me
 6   You too go grow
 7   Wonfa bone ntua ka
 8   Saboa
 9   M'sem yi
10  Ayeko na adofo
11  Dora
12  Eno m'ani awu


Monday, July 16, 2012

Nana Ampadu's African Brothers
Band International - Mede Wo Ka A,
Makossa Records

Have you ever seen this before ? The woman on the frontcover
of this lp is the producer who arranged this lp to be released on
Makossa records. Quite extraordinary and modest not to place
your own picture on the sleeve. Nana Ampadu I is such a modest
person. He dedicated this album to Miss Comfort Boateng ( above ).
I think this is one of their better albums, I am fond of the bass
parts by Guy Emmanuel Opah. Get it now and listen to
the African Brothers Band International, sweeet...


1   Mede wo ka a
2   Ase ye do wo
3   Woyoo woyoo
4   Obi do ba


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Les Maquisards et Sam Mangwana
Merveilles du Passé 1968
african 360.166, 1987

Sam Mangwana started out in the sixties with Vox Africa
and later with Les Maquisards before joining Tabu Ley's
Afrisa. On this 1987 re-release we hear eight of the songs
recorded in 1968 with Les Maquisards, a fine collector
you better don't miss, get it while you can..


1   Cherie vicky
2   Asana
3   Kumbele rumba la frontière
4   Antaya
5   Bagola ngai motema
6   Tito
7   Missolina
8   Kester yebisa ngai


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kiyika Masamba ( Flamy )
Orchestre "Kara de Kinshasa",
Kina Rama

Some two and a half years ago I found this lp at a recordfair.
I was just about to post it when I found Worldservice had done
it the day before. That happens, I decided to wait a while and
today is the day it gets a second chance. I think it's a fantas-
tic album that deserves to be heard again and again, check.


1   Au fond du coeur
2   Kady kady
3   Kalondji
4   Ya mudjura


Friday, July 13, 2012

Music-Press présente
Les Bantous de la Capitale,

Goodmorning, I want to say thank you for the kind reactions
on yesterdays post. Great to have your support. Meanwhile
I must continue, life goes on and there's so much to do. For
instance, I know that many of you are waiting for the re-up
of a certain lp. The amount of dead links is so enormous,
untill now I never found the energy to really start restoring.
Don't jump yet, but in the near future I plan to take a month
or so somewhere and work on all of them. Hang in there.
For the moment being, this is another one by the Bantous.
We had some already and this one does not sound very
smooth, lots of cracks. Still, I didn't want to keep it from
y'all. Although a bit noisy it deserves to be heard, enjoy.


1   Mwana kinkala
2   Na ndimi kuruze
3   Fifi zongela ngai
4   Wapi lokoumou ? guy


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Orchestre Lisa Bobo & Benson Lawrence,
Sonafric 50090, 1977

It has been six days, quite a hiatus on my part. I am
going through a difficult time, sick staffmembers, work,
work, work and worst of all, last monday I had to take
my very best friend and partner to the doctor to send
him over to the eternal huntinggrounds. Sjakie was
13 years and 4 months old. Happy hunting Sjakie.
It is so strange after such a long time, coming
home in an empty house. No need to go out
in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.
I miss him very very much ! ...sigh...

About the lp I am posting for you today,
I tried to find some info on the artists but
didn't find anything useful. Just play it and
tell me what you think. If you are the one to
give us the desired info, please don't deny.


1   Omona wapi
2   Tata na sambwe
3   Mama ali ngi nasala
4   Ya yo sepela
5   Bitumba eyali mabe
6   Ba m'poko


Friday, July 6, 2012

Conjunto Estrellas Africanas
de Dexter Johnson, vol.1, Disco Stock

Born Nigerian, Dexter Johnson made his fortune in Senegal,
he was one of the founders of the legendary Star Band. They
played in several clubs in 60's Dakar. After that Johnson
moved to Abidjan where he worked for the Record label
Disco Stock. This is one of the lp's he made there.
With Cuban violin player Alfredo Delafe and singer
Raymond Fernandez they formed 'Estrellas Africanas'.
Dexter Johnson who later also worked with Manu
Dibango and Monte Adentro was a monument of
African music and died in 1977, listen.


1   Estrellas africanas
2   Palomina mwanga
3   Asi tocamos guajira
4   Descarga africana
5   La vida continua


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Manfila Kanté présente,
Mamadi Diabaté et les Ambassadeurs -
"a Pas de Géant", Kaba Production

It's been a while since we had us some music from Mali.
Mamadi Diabate and Les Ambassadeurs are here to
fill in the gap. I am absolutely not the one to tell you
all about these musicians but I do know one thing,
this is a hell of a record and worth a couple of
spins. I'm sure it will make your sunday.
Don't forget, play and spread..


1   Moriba kaba
2   Yeke yeke
3   Iye iye
4   Talassa