Saturday, June 30, 2012

Youlou Mabiala,
les Trois Frères, MX Production

The more I listen to Youlou Mabiala's compositions, the
more I like them. His music gets better all the time and
is therefore predetermined to live on for ever. I am only
helping to spread the word. How about this lp with
Les Trois Frères ? Isn't it just wonderful ? Better
don't miss it and pass it on to whoever
likes it. I certainly do !


1   Papy
2   Ma vie, la vie
3   Kumbe, kumbe
4   Petit cherie
5   Seli go


Friday, June 29, 2012

U-Roy - Natty Rebel,
Virgin Records 1976

Yesterday afternoon, my son and I were listening to some reggae
from the old days. I am so happy he has the same hobby his dad
does. He told me he's going to Germany, to Europe's biggest reggae
festival, Summerjam. We checked the festivals line-up and found that
among a lot of newer acts, Burning Spear and U-Roy are a few of the
older ones. My son didn't know the music yet so we sat and listened
to some. Now here's a U-Roy album for y'all from 1976. Take this and
be sure not to miss Dread in a Babylon as well.
By the way, better check my son's blog too.
I hope you like'm, have fun.


1   Babylon burning
 2   Natty rebel
 3   So jah jah say
 4   Natty kung fu
 5   If you should leave me
 6   Do you remember
 7   Travelling man
 8   Have merci
 9   Badie boo
10  Go there natty
11  Fire in a trenchtown


Does everybody remember ?
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

African Fiesta - Authenticité, vol.2
african 360.071, 1966

This lp contains twelve tracks, recorded in 1962, 1963,
1964 and 1966. African Fiesta plays songs by Rochereau,
Kwamy, Mujos and Pablito. I suppose it is save to say
these artists truly are who they claim to be, it seems
even this great label made an occasional error.


 1   Rendez-vous chez là-bas
 2   Tremendo punto
 3   Faux millionnaire
 4   Belinda
 5   Fiesta kombo ya sika
 6   Tozali kozila
 7   Seli kutu
 8   Camalee
 9   Bandimi ngai tata
10  Tembe nde tembe
11  N'daya "paradis"
12  Domingo o sabado


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oriental Brothers International
led by Godwin Kabaka Okpara,
Afrodisia / Decca 1975

Not so long ago I told you it was getting harder all the
time, finding their albums. I think I should say things like
that a bit more often. Straight away I got lucky and stumbled
upon another lp, and not the least I would say. It's from 1975
and it's nice to find the tracks divided in eight seperate songs.
On most later albums the songs are way longer. If you use to
deejay sometimes, the shorter songs are much more accessible.
I am very happy to be able to bring this one, pure dynamite..


1   Nwa ada di nma
2   Onye si nani biri
3   Anam ele chi
4   Onwetarani nye ibe efe
5   Akwa uwa
6   Onye oma
7   Nwayi di ya bu eze
8   Chi awu otu


Monday, June 18, 2012

Music from Zaïre, vol.3 - Various Artists,
Soundpoint / Afrodisia 1983

Good evening groovers, welcome at the global. What
have we got cooking for you today ? A Nigerian collector
on 'Soundpoint', which was a sublabel for Afrodisia. It con-
tains various Congolese tracks, some known and some
unknown, speaking strictly from the GG point of view. Eight
of our beloved groups with eight excelent songs. The label
of this lp speaks of 1983 while the backsleeve says 1977,
quite a difference so I suggest it was first released in 1977
and re-issued in 1983, what do you think ? How ever it is,
don't miss catching this fish, it's a tasty one..


1   Orchestre Elegance Jazz - Ngalula Mathe
2   Orchestre Fiesta Sukisa - Yokolo 1
3   Orchestre Lipua-Lipua - Kamale 1
4   Orchestre African Fiesta - Mokili makambo
5   Orchestre Vévé - Dona 2
6   Orchestre Bella-Bella - Mbuta 2
7   Orchestre T.P.O.K. Jazz - Mado
8   Orchestre African Jazz - B.B. 69


Friday, June 15, 2012

Los Ahijados - de Nuevo,
Discolor Records 4372, 1976

Here's another lp by the brothers Martin and Cuco Valoy,
better known as Duo Los Ahijados. Being from the Dominican
Rep. theirselves, they were famous for their voicing of Cuban music.
Very relaxed sound, perfect for your summer pick-nick & such..


 1   Timoteo
 2   Bembeteo
 3   Dime como estas
 4   Llevame contigo
 5   Doña vereda
 6   Caminito
 7   La tia quedada
 8   No pienses en mi
 9   La receta del curandero
10  El reclamo de un obrero


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peacocks Guiter Band -
Abiriwa, EMI

It's time for Nigerian highlife. I walked into our little
village about a week ago and found the annual record-
market in the centre of town. Somehow they always
neglect to announce this in a proper way so it has
become an annual surprise. Anyway, it is a very
welcome surprise and especially this year. I got
lucky again walking against some rare records.
This is one of my finds. Peacock's Guiter Band
led by Raphael Amarabem comes in at the GG
with this EMI release, don't know from what
year, if you do please tell us.
now listen..


 1   Eddie quansa
 2   Okpa aku erieri
 3   Dan njemanze
 4   Egwu mgbashiriko
 5   Jiji
 6   Uba awuu nwa
 7   Jesus christ
 8   This girl
 9   Iwa anya
10  Abasi o. mokop


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Les Merveilles du Passé No.1 par
Maître Franco de mi Amor et l'O.K. Jazz,
african 360.010, 1969

Here's a record we've all been waiting for. It's the no.10
in 'african's 360.000 series. Maître Franco de mi Amor,
funny name like this, appears once again and with an
important album. I saw that Bolingo's 'african' discography
was also still searching for it's cover, well here it is. It has
a green version of 'african's label which is normally orange.
Another 10 of his wonderful compositions to complete
our Franco collections a bit more.
Better don't miss..


 1   Nani apedalaki te
 2   Accident ya cherie
 3   Bomboko awuti na new york
 4   Mbongo zi ya voni
 5   Nazongi lelo
 6   Ngai marie nzotu ebeba
 7   Linzanza ebongi na langi
 8   Mbanda ozui kizungu-zungu
 9   Fuala mbombu ngulu kadia
10  Nakobombela cherie


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sunny Adé & his African Beats -
Sunny Special, Sunny Alade Records 1974

Sunny Adé is the type of artists that always finds a happy
listening ear. I'm not exactly sure how many of his albums
we already have but it's quite a bunch and the amount keeps
growing. This is an old one, it's SALPS.1 from 1974, check.


1   É kilo f'omo ode
-   Eni nbinu wa
-   Nwon ran omo loja
-   Kosoun t'adie le f'omo asa se
-   Bole ya ko ya
2   Esubiri ebo mi
-   Nitori awa
-   Sunny koni ku
-   Ejire ara isokun
-   Rod publicity


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Conjunto Chappotín - Perlas del Son,

Conjunto Chappottín and his Stars was founded in 1950: African
Cuban tres-guitarist, composer and bandleader, Arsenio Rodriguez,
known as el Ciego Maravilloso, or the Marvelous Blind One, had settled
in New York to recover his vision. He decided from there that his All Stars
band, which he left in Cuba during his 1948 move to New York, should be
transferred into the professional care of his first trumpetist, Felix Chappottín.
From that moment, the original Arsenio Rodriguez All Stars band was
transformed into Conjunto Chappottín y sus Estrellas. The group was Led by
Felix Chappottín with Luis (Lili) Martinez Grinan as the arranger and Miguelito
Cuni the lead singer. Under the leadership of Felix Chappottín, only to be
compared with Louis Satchmo Armstrong, the band rose to international
fame, moving and amusing dancers in different parts of the world.
( info from AfroCubaWeb )

We already had some of their work here.
I bought this lp from a friend who used to collect Cuban music with passion.
One day when he was in need of money, he sold me his entire collection
with the idea to buy it back some other time. Unfortunately Dirk has left
this world a couple of years ago. I am taking care of the music, keeping it
together and sharing some of it with you, like today. Hope U like.

I found that the same lp was also released with
a different cover, as shown in small picture,
don't know which one was the original.


 1   Romance fatal
 2   Que se fuñan
 3   Cienfuegos tiene mi guaguanco
 4   Canto al monte
 5   Yo si como candela
 6   Nosotros los amalianos
 7   Jala la pata
 8   Pa bachatear
 9   Y del vedado que
10  Yo soy tiburon
11  Los jovenes de la defensa
12  A bailar con la guajira


Monday, June 4, 2012

Atakora Manu - "Afro Highlife",
Amassador 1977

It must be four years ago that I first found this lp at Afroslabs website.
Especially track #1 drew my attention and I still think it is one
of his better songs. Since then I found three of his other albums
and posted them here. I am happy to inform you they all have
working links. If you hadn't before, I suggest you listen
to Atakora Manu's Afro highlife.


1   Super otete mpomamu
2   Osebo onyame ankye me
3   Bebo me nkomo
4   Meka a ensa


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Orchestre Conga International -
Six 7" Singles, Editions Mbonda

For this rainy sunday I made you another little singles collector.
This time it concerns six singles by the same group. Johnny
Bokelo's Orchestre Conga International appears here on
Editions Mbonda. Get them while you can and have fun.


 1   Bokilo senga 1
 2   Bokilo senga 2
 3   Bino basi 1
 4   Bino basi 2
 5   Nabazi mingi 1
 6   Nabazi mingi 2
 7   Moninga oboyi ngai 1
 8   Moninga oboyi ngai 2
 9   Se maloba 1
10  Se maloba 2
11  Buana minapenda 1
12  Buana minapenda 2


Friday, June 1, 2012

Mavos Meme Mavungu & le Micky-Micky -
Bandumba Sex, Badmos

Ambiance Congo already offered the opportunity to listen
to 'Esther', track #2 on this lp, in his februari 26 radioshow
this year, thanks dj Daudi ! Now here's the entire album for
you to capture. On Côte d'Ivoire's Badmos label, don't
know the year on this one, if you do, please tell us.
Meanwhile, get it, play it and pass it on..


1   Koumba
2   Erther
3   Makendengué