Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colompilation 6 -
Various Artists

Thought you would like some good weather music.
This is the happiest latin ever, listen
to another Colompilation..


 1   Andrés Landero y su Conjunto - La cigarrona
 2   Los Corraleros de Majagual - El vampiro
 3   Climaco Sarmiento y su Orquesta - La cigarra
 4   Comb Sampuesano - La pisinga
 5   Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto - Las cosas de la vida
 6   Los Hermanos Marquez - Yo conozco a Claudia
 7   Andrés Landero y su Conjunto - Cumbia en la India
 8   La Sonora Cordobesa - San Carlos
 9   Alfredo Gutierrez y su Conjunto - Panameña
10  Los Corraleros de Majagual - La palma de coco
11  Andrés Landero - Mi machete
12  Los Teen Agers - La pata pela
13  Los Corraleros de Majagual - Tres tigres
14  Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - La compatible
15  Los Corraleros de Majagual - La sampa
16  Pedro Laza y sus pelayeros - El sabanero
17  Los Corraleros de Majagual - Del tingo al tango


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seven '7 inches' from Congo vol.2 -
Various Artists

I think it's good fun making these singles compilations so I did another.
Again seven singles and their b-sides which is always the second part
of the song. Labels in chronological order; Editions Ndenge Moko,
Editions Sakumuna, Bana Moja, Editions Sakumuna, Edition Diabim,
Bana Moja, Editions Ntimbo, some are Kenyan and some are Congolese.
The last track is pretty false towards the end due to decentered middle hole.
It happens more with singles, they spin faster than lp's so it gives more
disturbance when wobbling. Steady or wobbly,
enjoy listening to these Congolese tunes.


 1   Orchestre Bella-Bella - Na wela te 1
 2   Orchestre Bella-Bella - Na wela te 2
 3   Orchestre Vévé - Okendeke malamu 1
 4   Orchestre Vévé - Okendeke malamu 2
 5   Orchestre Empire Bakuba - Naleli 1
 6   Orchestre Empire Bakuba - Naleli 2
 7   Orchestre Kamavasty - Kiki puelengi 1
 8   Orchestre Kamavasty - Kiki puelengi 2
 9   Orchestre Cavacha - O mimita 1
10  Orchestre Cavacha - O mimita 2
11  Orchestre Grand Piza - Napemi 1
12  Orchestre Grand Piza - Napemi 2
13  Orchestre Sentima - Mama 1
14  Orchestre Sentima - Mama 2

Seven '7 inches' from Congo, vol.2

Friday, May 25, 2012

Les Etoiles du Zaïre,
Pépé Kallé, Nyboma, Bopol -
Hommage à Emoro,
Syllart Production

Pépé Kallé and Emoro, Nyboma and Bopol. Names we all
love to hear when browsing the web. It means we have found
us another piece of the big puzzle. This album on Syllart does
not complete our Pépé Kallé sequence but we're getting a bit
closer with every lp. Once more, kick aside your furniture,
volumes up and let go, you're well on your way to
loose a few pounds, grab that chance..


1   Pardon faina
2   Moussa hypocrite
3   Pembe
4   Amba


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stars of West Africa vol.2 - Various Artists,
Decca West Africa 1963

From the very East, tonight we move over to the very West.
It was not very original of me to put together a collector of singles.
Take a look at this one, Decca West Africa came with this
collection of six ten-inch singles in 1963. Imagine that in
one year, the record will be 50 years old. Snatch this
swell compilation of Ghanaian and Nigerian
highlife and juju from the early 60's.


 1   Odus & his Morning Star Orchestra - Omo laso
 2   E.C. Arinze & his Music - Adiakalu ubosi
 3   J.O. Araba & his Afro Skiffle - Kelegbe megbe
 4   Haruna Ishola & his Group - Pariboto riboto
 5   I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spots - Omo alaro
 6   I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spots - Aye wa kale
 7   E.T. Mensah & his Tempos Band - Odo anigyina
 8   E.T. Mensah & his Tempos Band - Abele
 9   Melody Aces - Emase puro o
10  Melody Aces - Brigitta
11  Globemasters Dance Band - Maya menya aye
12  Globemasters Dance Band - Oda nsuadze
13  Ramblers Dance Band - Womma wonko
14  Ramblers Dance Band - Wegya saman


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seven 7"s from Kenya - Various Artists

As promised, a collection of seven 70's singles from Kenya.
Track 3 has a few small pops at the end but for the
the remaining lot, no precautions.
Just take it and play it, have fun.


 1   Orchestre Gem Lucky Friends - Rispher adero no.2
 2   Orchestre Gem Lucky Friends - Joseph oloo
 -   ( Richard Odongo 1974 )
 3   Orchestre Kaudha Twins - Owiti kaboka
 4   Orchestre Kaudha Twins - Osiep loyo wat
 -   ( John Oketch & Willison Oketch 1974 )
 5   Orchestre O.M. Jazz - Super m. ogada
 6   Orchestre O.M. Jazz - Remember me, I remember you
 -   ( Dr Nelson Ochieng Mengo 1974 )
 7   Metric Jazz National - Afline december gift
 8   Metric Jazz National - Afline the pretty no.2
 -   ( George Kembo & Leonard Omedo 1974 )
 9   Wego Jazz Band 75 - Omonde
10  Wego Jazz Band 75 – Matini
 -   ( Sukuma Bin Ongaro 1975 )
11  Odhiambo Osumba Revolution - Otina
12  Odhiambo Osumba Revolution - Paro siso abala
 -   ( Odhiambo Osumba 1970 )
13  Metric Jazz National - Odero koduko
14  Metric Jazz national - Nyamwaya j.b.
 -   ( Leonard Omedo 1974 )


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Re-Up & Re-Post
Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto -
Lo Ultimo, Discos Fuentes

For this saturday a re-up and re-post. Anibal Velasquez is still one of
Colombia's biggest artists. I read somewhere he made over 300 records
a huge amount. Still performing, he turns places upside-down. If you
ever get the chance to see him perform do not hesitate and buy that
ticket instantly. I hope to get that chance myself one fine day.
For now, enjoy this oldie but very goodie oncemore, check # 8.


 1   Que ojos
 2   La caracucha
 3   Que se muera
 4   Mi barquita
 5   La muerte de Anibal
 6   Te la vi
 7   Palito seco
 8   Pobre y viejo
 9   Mi suegra
10   La muerte de Bartola
11   La que se fue
12   Mi comadre


Friday, May 18, 2012

Okukuseku International Band of Ghana -
Take Time, Rogers All Stars 1982

Oh yes my musical friends, Chief Sammy Kofi is back at the GG
with a truly splendid album. The more I hear from him, the more I like
it. On Nigeria's 'Rogers All Stars' comes another lp by this Ghanaian
highlife group that thrilled loads of visitors already, don't miss.
Being a fanatic heretic I am very glad with title number three
Awurade yesu wich means, life's much
better without jesus !

To everybody asking for re-ups I want to say once more;
"I am not re-uploading my dead links on request.
Every once in a while when I feel like it, I shall re-up
strictly what I want to on that particular moment !
Sorry 'bout that, it's simply too much..."

read this if you missed it


1   Take time
2   Onyame na oye
3   Awurade yesu
4   Odo bye-bye
5   San bra
6   Obra


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seven 7"s from Congo -
Various Artists

Some 45's for a change, I found a bunch on the fair.
Made you a folder with seven 7" singles and their
frontcovers. This one contains 7 Congolese singles
and their b-sides. I also have some Kenyan 45's
waiting for a similar project, soon to come. Enjoy.


 1   Orchestre Mayaula - Cherie bondowe 1
 2   Orchestre Mayaula - Cherie bondowe 2
 3   Orchestre Mokako - Adieu yoko 1
 4   Orchestre Mokako - Adieu yoyo 2
 5   Orchestre Cercul Jazz - Nazali moyembi
 6   Orchestre Cercul Jazz - Na sabine
 7   Orchestre Empire Bakuba - Kauka
 8   Orchestre Empire Bakuba - Kasai
 9   Orchestre Negro Succes - Libala ya ngai na zozo
10  Orchestre Negro Succes - Nasambelaki nzambe ya baganda
11  Orchestre Sinza - Ma loukoula
12  Orchestre Sinza - Mayoto
13  Orchestre S.B.B. du Congo - UJSC
14  Orchestre S.B.B. du Congo - URFC

Seven '7 inches' from Congo

Monday, May 14, 2012

Warrior & his Oriental Brothers
International Band-Original -
Hapum Mebiri, Afrodisia 1980

It's getting harder to find them all the time. I can hardly remember
the last one, it was in july 2010. One way or another, their lp's
always find a happy listening ear on this guy, this one makes
no exception. Found it shortly and am lucky to share,
..jus' a bit crispy,


1   Hapum mebiri
2   Gi nyem ugwum mu enye gi nke gi


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé -
"Dynamite" Verckys,
african 360.016, 1970

If you ask me to give a list of my favourite albums, I
can't. There is so much wonderful music, it's impossible
to say, this is the best one. However, I can tell you this
is one of my absolute favourites. It's not a competition but
if it was, Verckys is a sure winner. Been searching to find
this lp ever since I downloaded it in februari 2010, I don't
remember from what page but if it was yours I am still grateful.
Lucky me, I found it recently and a quite clean copy as well.
Track 8 opens with a little pop but futher it's in perfect condition.
'african' 360.016 is now another gap filled on the shelf,..yeah !..
Have a very nice weekend..


 1   Ah mokili
 2   Yeba olakaki ngai
 3   Annitcho
 4   Mfumbwa 1
 5   Mfumbwa 2
 6   Loboko
 7   Nakokoka ata botongi
 8   Est-ce que nakobala
 9   Naboyi nkasa
10  Linga ngai azua te


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cornell Campbell - Money,
Live & Learn Records 1983

In 1983 I was completely captured by reggae music. This
one by Cornell Campbell got played a hell of a lot. Listen
to his wonderful songs and agree, timeless music..


1   You're my lady
2   Mister DJ
3   Your love
4   Stranger in love
5   Oh rastaman
6   You need sympathy
7   Don't try to break
8   Money


The Best of Prince Nico Mbarga
and Rocafil Jazz International,
Rogers All Stars 1983

Some requests came in for the music of this fine artist. Prince
Nico Mbarga and his Rocafil Jazz appeared here with over 10
albums. I shall re-up them in the near future, most of the links
are still dead. This is the 'Best of Nico Mbarga' which, among
others, contains his biggest worldwide hit, 'Sweet Mother'. I
never really understood why it was such a huge succes,
it has probably everything to do with the fact Prince
Nico worships his parents and family life. On this
'best of' album all titles point in the same direction.
Maybe not my favourite Nico Mbarga tracks but
a fair representative of his oeuvre.


1   Sweet mother
2   Good father
3   Family movement
4   Na my choice


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey
& his Inter-Reformers Band -
Oluwa Ni Olusa Agutan Mi,
Decca 1978

I wonder how many albums he made, this is number 21 or
so in my collection alone. Allmost every recordhunt ends
with another one or two of his great lp's. I am very fond
of Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey's rhythmsection.
Listen to those subtle beats, zooming bass
and sweet vocal harmony, sure to find
more of them in the future.
with KSA, Nigeria's
no.1 juju master..


1   Oluwa ni olusa agutan mi
-   Oluwa lose ileri fun mi
-   Baiye ngbogun
-   Olu orun wa gbotiwa
-   Iwaju ogun eyin ogun laiye
-   Emi o sin o
2   To be fe lowo laiye
-   Tani ma mole
-   Chief o.b.akinolugbade
-   Iwa eda loluwa nwo
-   Ranti olanrewaju
-   Adebayo kazeem


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lokassa ya..m'bongo?. - Assitou,
Special 81, Passeport Music of Africa,
Disc Orient DO 015, 1981

On this 5th of may, a national day of celebration in the Netherlands,
I want to give you this special lp. I found it at the last recordfair in
Utrecht. The dealer made me pay quite a price and at first I didn't
want to but after some discussion it did change owners. Produced
in Côte d'Ivoire it is an album one does not get the chance to find
easily. With Asi Kapela - vocals, Lukau Jean Jules - guitar solo,
Ringo Moya Lotula - drums, Mamana Antoine - bass guitar and
Keletingui Papus - bass & vocals. Lokassa - accomp. guitar.
The lp is a bit crackly and has a few pops but it's not that
disturbing, the b-side has an uncentered middle hole
that makes it sound a bit false towards the end.
Still, I'd say give it a go, rare and wonderful
Lokassa ya M'bongo material,
I'm a huge fan.


1   Assitou
2   Angelique
3   Sabina


Thursday, May 3, 2012


Robert Johnson's 'King of the Delta
Blues Singers, vols. 1&2
in a slower version

Many people ask for the re-up of these two lp's. Robert Johnson's
famous 'King of the Delta Blues Singers'. I posted the widely agreed
slower versions which I made with the help of my Technics turntable.
slow volume one
slow volume two
As you can see, everybody seems to like them better than the
original too fast copies, I absolutely do too. Pass them on and
spread the word, the slower versions are the right ones.

tracks volume one;

1   Crossroads blues
2   Terraplane blues
3   Come on in my kitchen
4   Walking blues
5   Last fair deal gone down
6   32-20 blues
7   Kindhearted woman blues
8   If I had posession over judgment day
9   Preaching blues
10  When you got a good friend
11  Rambling on my mind
12  Stones in my passway
13  Traveling riverside blues
14  Mikcow's calf blues
15  Me and the devil blues
16  Hellhound on my trail


tracks volume two;

1   Kind hearted woman
2   I believe I dust my broom
3   Sweet home Chicago
4   Rambling on my mind
5   Phonograph blues
6   They're red hot
7   Dead shrimp blues
8   Preachin'blues
9   I'm a steady rollin' man
10  From four till late
11  Little queen of spades
12  Malted milk
13  Drunken hearted man
14  Stop breakin' down blues
15  Honeymoon blues
16  Love in vain


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

22 Band-Kankan - "dans le vent",
Editions Syliphone Conakry, SLP 51, 1976

We saw them before. The 22 Band from Guinée. I am not the
person to give you a whole lot of background information. All I do
is sharing the stuff I listen to myself. Quite enjoyable listen this
one. If your French is sufficient the backsleeve might tell you
a bit more, if not, I'm quite sure you'll like
it anyway, get it now.


1   Baya
2   Mama
3   Sou
4   Wousse
5   Kouroussy
6   Deny