Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jose Missamou - El Salsero de Brazzaville,
Tchi-Tchi 1980

El Salsero de Brazzaville is here to brighten up your
sunday. It's a thrill to hear these African musicians play
latin music. On Tchi-Tchi but Eddy'Son also appears
at the back of the sleeve, don't know what was his role.
It seems the album was released with the celebration
of Brazzaville's 100th birthday. With Orquesta
Ballet 'Les Anges'.


1   El salsero de brazzaville
2   Dame un papel
3   Eres la que quiero
4   Kwa-kula


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Franco et le TPOK Jazz -
chez Safari Club de Bruxelles,
Edipop 026

Let's get april next to march and at least bring the score
to a poor 6 posts. A special one for the weekend I'd say.
This is another delightful album by le Grand Maître on the
Edipop label. POP 026 chez Safari Club de Bruxelles,
sweet vocals, simply the best instrumentation, tastefully
produced, I dare say in one word 'indispensable'.


1   Mbanzi ya kamundele
2   Okundji
3   Serment
4   Amour perdu


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunny Ade & his African Beats -
the Original Syncro System Movement,
African Songs Ltd.

We had a 'Syncro System' lp on the Brittish 'Island' label from '83
and we had an album on 'Sunny Alade Records' from 1983 with
the title 'Syncro Series'. This is the original movement from a couple
of years before them. The bassplayer on a-side really stands out and
catches a lot of attention. Quite different tracks than on the other two
albums, different titles as well. Not being the first to post this one,
it was simply impossible to resist, so if you missed it earlier..


1   Syncro system movements
2   Ni'bi lekeleke gbe nfo'so
-   Gbogbo wa l'ope
-   Ori olowo
-   Asiko ni.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Opambuo International Band of Ghana -
Odo Yewu, Bonne Records 1981


1 Odo yewu
 2 Okwantuni mmoboro
 3 You de find me trouble
 4 Aunty lucy
 5 Mensu


Friday, April 20, 2012

Sam Mangwana & l'African All Stars -
M'banda Kazaka, Adios Records

Good evening, fridaynight and I'm in a good mood.
Rounded up an important job today and felt up for
a new post. Not only did I rip us an lp by the man
we hadn't had before, I also re-upped all his and the
African All Stars' albums with the total of 20.
This is Sam Mangwana & l'African All Stars with
an album on the 'Adios' label from Abidjan if
I'm not mistaking. Get it and spread it..


1 M'banda kazaka
2 International mabouya
3 Bi kumba-kumba


Monday, April 16, 2012

Orchestre International Akweza de Libreville,
african 360.123, 1979

Sparkling guitars on this splendid album from Gabon.
The weekend's fair in Utrecht brought us some
goodies among which this ultra danceable
slice of black shiny vinyl. I can't tell you
anything useful about them,
just listen.


1 Oyem 78
2 Gamba ntce yami
3 Diane ley
4 Emeno n'isindina
5 Boutsiane


Friday, April 13, 2012

T.P. Poly Rythmo de Cotonou Benin

are you still there ?
good, thanks for hanging on.
chew on this for
a sec, Benin


1 Toi et moi
 2 Moulon-dévia
 3 Le silence n'est pas un oubli
 4 Yao-yao