Sunday, March 25, 2012

African System Orchestra - Fine Country,
Rogers All Stars 1980

The GG has quite a few friends in the Barranquilla area of Northern
Colombia, the're crazy for Nigerian highlife in that outpack, understandable.
A request was received for this particular lp and it just so happened
it was waiting upfront of my Nigerian record pile. I hope you can
use it and create some phat pico champeta sound with this.
Get to it. In case you forgot,
password = globalgroove.

A little update for all new or not frequent visitors;
Some time ago all our files were deleted by Mediafire.
For the time being, no re-uploads take place. New posts
keep appearing and some older posts like our compilations
have working links. Some fine day in the future all links
shall be re-uploaded. Some fine day in the future...


1 Fine country
2 Monique a duala
3 Nobody knows tomorrow
4 Agnes my love


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Global Sampler vol. 37 - Various Artists

..and the globe spins on..


1 Max Massengo - Masseke
2 Papaito - Que no muera el son
3 Josky Kiambukuta & Ntesa Dalienst - Medecin de nuit
4 Duo Los Ahijados - El nuevo suavecito
5 Orchestre Bella-Bella - Sola 2er
6 Amadou Balaké - Yamba
7 l'Orchestre Télé-Music - Faux mari
8 Empire Bakuba - Obosini kisomele
9 Ramito - Desde mi tumba
10 Elegance Jazz - Lisumu lisango
11 Orchestre du Bawobab - Fecal waay sama xol
12 Smart Nkansah's - Hume mmopo me nyame e !
13 Orchestre Super Tembessa - Yambi club Tembessa


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Global Sampler vol. 36 - Various Artists


1 Gerard Kazembe et Jambo Jambo - Nsele paradis ya congo
2 Orchestre African Team - Monsieur largent
3 Etta James - The pick-up
4 Orchestre Lomeka - Kidiba 1
5 Robert Johnson - Kind hearted woman blues ( slow version )
6 Master Bob Akwaboah - Wabo so
7 Ramito - En el juego de la vida
8 Super Negro Bantous - Travellers
9 The Ramblers Dance Band - Ekombi
10 Jonah Moyo & Devera Ngwena - Wapusa wapusa
11 Amaswazi Emvelo and Mahlathini - Utshwala begazati
12 Orquesta Revé - Yateras changüi
13 Les Kilimambogo Brothers Band - Simba Africa
14 Chuito y Cuitin - Un jibaro termináo
15 Kyeremateng Stars - Abena kwabena
16 Kiland & Orchestre Mabatalaï - Dieu merci nabiki
17 Sunny Adé and his Green Spot Band - Mr. Adenaike


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Franklin Boukaka - Les Merveilles du Passé 1967,
african 360.153, 1986

Good morning groovers, let's do some Congolese music today.
It's still gonna take some time for me to find the drive and energy
needed to start re-uploading all our lost files. Many of you keep
requesting for older posts of which the links are still dead. For now
please do not ask for re-ups, it's not gonna happen for the time being.
Meanwhile we can listen to all the stuff that's been waiting for a well
deserved spin like this collector, Cercul Jazz, Negro Band and
Negro-Succes with Franklin Boukaka.


1 Cercul Jazz - Pont sur le congo
2 Cercul Jazz - Nitouani ya mbi
3 Negro Band - Journal dipanda
4 Negro Band - Mokili ekoningana
5 Negro-Succes - Kobota elengi kobokolo mpasi
6 Negro-Succes - Tombe mire spa
7 Negro-Succes - Nabosana soseti
8 Negro-Succes - Que tenga hora


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

City Boys Band - Odo da Baabi,

Just got notified that Ghana celebrates it's 55th independence
day today. Good idea to bring you some Ghanaian music, thanks
Kwabena. City Boys Band has been here before, mostly with sole
highlife but today's album also contains some Calacala and Afrobeat.
Real cool outfits the Boys are wearing, don't you think..? Look & listen.
Happy Independence Day Ghana !


1 Odo da baabi
2 Metena nsaman pon mu
3 Abrabo ye ntoboase
4 Kwankyen brodewa
5 Odasani yie ye
6 Gye me tataa
7 Obeba da ben ni
8 Eda a mewuo no
9 Mensuro owuo


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Orchestra Tumba Africa International -
African People, Sonafric 50092, 1979

Good afternoon groovers, welcome home at the global. Many of
you are waiting for a certain upload or another. It is very hard to
find the energy to re-upload all my files. I guess the hangover of
Mediafire's action to delete all our 1197 files is kicking in a little
late. Maybe I didn't allow it at the time being. Other topics on my
prioritylist are fighting for supremacy right now and for the moment
re-ups'll have to wait a bit. I reckon you understand and give me a
break. A fresh new post like today's shall occur as often as usual.
This is the first time they appear at the GG, Tumba Africa from
Nigeria, five songs from 1978, sleevenote; "A collection of talented
musicians has arrived to blow your mind.",
..signed, Emeka Onuorah.
better judge yourself...


1 African people
2 Chop i chop
3 Sister waka waka no good
4 Take time
5 Sweetheart