Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Global Sampler vol. 35


1 Youssou Ndour et le Super Etoile - Atou
2 Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Ogo di nkpa
3 Orchestre Zaiko Langa Langa - Bongo bouger
4 Orchestre Les Mangelepa - Mangelepa kamili
5 Orchestre Shama-Shama - Bangambo ya moto
6 Orchestre TP Zembe-Zembe - Kenge No 3
7 Mélome Clément & TP Poly Rythmo - Miyimi kpo ji jo ce kpo
8 K.K.'s No 2 Band - Dantuo mu awose
9 Jean Bokelo - Camarade ya nooki
10 La 'Mus' Africa - Mobali yakoloba
11 Balla et ses Balladins - Limania
12 Kyeremateng Stars - Se wone me betena a


Monday, February 27, 2012

Alhaja Queen Salawa Abeni and
her Waka Moderniser - I Love You,
Kollington Records

This week I received a request for some juju, fuji or apala.
It's been some time but we had her before at the GG.
This is a type of music I enjoy once in a while but know
absolutely nothing about. The rhythms are overwhelming
and I think Queen Salawa Abeni has a huge voice,
why don't you give it a try ?


1 Bi eye oni eye sinu
- Suru lo dara
- Asa pelu adie
- Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla je akeweje
- Oro ibanuje ko ni kan wa
- I love you
2 Eku odun eku iyedun
- Eyin iya eba mi re
- Apada saburu ko ni bawa
- Awa ko ni mo orori omo wa
- Ko seye to le fara we igun
- Olorun lo fun wa lorin wa ko


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vicky, Kwamy, Edo & O.K. Jazz -
Les Merveilles du Passé 1961,
african 360.167, 1987

In order to complete the african 360.000 series one fine day,
here's number 360.167. A rerelease of songs originally from
1961. Nostalgic Congolese music with some of the time's
most wonderful singers, listen to Vicky, Kwamy and Edo
accompanied by Franco's O.K. ( Orchestre Kinois ) Jazz.
Just the thing for a laid back sunday afternoon.


1 Vicky & O.K. Jazz - Lobela ngai nyonso oyokaki
2 Vicky & O.K. Jazz - O.K. yasolo okatisi ebale
3 Vicky & O.K. Jazz - Ngai se mwana ya O.K.
4 Vicky & O.K. Jazz - Una bella muchacha
5 Kwamy & O.K. Jazz - Mbongo ezali na suka te
6 Kwamy & O.K. Jazz - Prosabel 2e avenue kabondo
7 Kwamy & O.K. Jazz - Gina garde tout pour moi
8 Kwamy & O.K. Jazz - Tika kobebisa muana
9 Kwamy & O.K. Jazz - Kopakola ngai boniama te
10 Edo & O.K. Jazz - Yo tellama
11 Kwamy & O.K. Jazz - Matinda kolemba ngai te
12 Edo & O.K. Jazz - Ngai nyao pantalon na mokamba


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Master Bob Akwaboah - Meye Meye,

Good morning groovers, today we have another lp by the great
Bob Akwaboah. Wonderful Ghanaian highlife you don't want to miss.
Please take the music and spread it, the more people listening
to it, the better. Give copies to your neighbours,
your friends, your parents and collegues.


1 Odasani tani wo a, na otan wo ayen mmoa
2 Yoyeo ala sariki ( song in hausa )
3 Eye ahomete wuo
4 Meko, meko yenko no kwa


Friday, February 24, 2012

Nova História da Música Popular Brasileira,
Escolas de Samba 1 - Various Artists,
Abril Cultural 1979

Okay, let's do some samba. Carnaval is over more or less but
that doesn't matter with this timeless music. In the series 'Música
Popular Brasileira' this is a collector of various sambas from the
early seventies. It concerns songs used by the Samba schools
from Rio de Janeiro from 1970 to 1976. baixe rapido e escuta..


1 Carlos Cachaça - Não me deixaste ir ao samba
2 Geraldo Babão - Nega, o que queres de mim ?
3 Alcides Lopes - Cidade-mulher
4 Jamelão - Exaltação à Mangueira
5 Clementina de Jesus - Moro na Roça
6 Elza Soares - O mundo encantado de Monteiro Lobato
7 Conjunto Velha Guarda da Portela - Vida de fidalga
8 Conjunto Velha Guarda da Portela - Quantas lágrimas


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pamelo Mounk'a - Selimandja,
Mayazola Music

Carnaval is over and I didn't post any Brazilian music, you are
right Fabricio, it has been a while. Tried to make one but I failed
and now it's determined to wait some more. Soon come. Today it is
time for Congolese treasure. I don't know a year on this one, no
personnel, it doesn't give us any information. Info or not, listening
to this great lp is no waist of time. Find more on Pamelo here .

By the way, files labled 'Zimbabwe' are Up again !


1 Selimandja
2 I'm sorry darling
3 Tamara amour
4 Mpota na motema


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Opambuo International Band of Ghana -
Kiss Me and Smile,
Rogers All Stars 1982

For this fine saturday I've got something a whole bunch of
you go crazy about. It is another lp by one of those Ghanaian
groups who recorded in Nigeria. Opambuo International Band
of Ghana brings us this typical sound. Ghanaian highlife with
a Nigerian sauce over it. Being a heretic I regret one title but I
just love the sound of it so it got through anyway. The album
is on Rogers All Stars and from 1982, guaranteed topnotch
production, it's rare, it sounds beautiful, better take it quick.

I am sorry I didn't re-up anything during the past few days,
just too damned busy to find the time, today I
did some 20 highlife albums though,
stay tuned and hang on...


1 Kiss me and smile
2 Me kuta me korah
3 I pray to god
4 Maye maye anye yie
5 Mo mfa nye me


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ali Chukwumah and his Peacemakers
International Band of Nigeria -
Gentleman Ali Chukwumah,
Akpolla 1981

Today I am introducing a new rule at the Global Groove.
Any reaction of positive nature may be anonymous but
as soon as you come to criticize a proper gmail account
is necessary. From today all negative or criticizing comments
that are anonymous will be blocked. Now you can compare
me with whoever you like and say it is censorship, correct, it is.
If your intentions are good you can't have a problem with it.
This rule is active from this very moment !

Okay, let's now continue to do what we do best. Bringing the
most obscure African music, stuff you are guaranteed not to find
anywhere. I am also quite sure that when some recordcompany,
big or small, would think of releasing a track from this original,
it is very likely they would cut off the biggest part of the song.
These tracks span a whole lp-side, 16 minutes like on this a-side
is short, often the tracks take 20 to 30 minutes. The chance this
music will reach you through 'legitimate' channels is very small.
Again I post this album with the fullest of convidence I am doing
something good. This hard to find music is now meant to survive
the ages coming because it is spread in it's original form. If you
know or are a relative of Ali and you feel hurt by this posting, I beg
of you, step forward and complain, I shall reject the post straight away.
To recordcompany's I'd like to say, please release this wonderful
music through an official cd, I challenge you. But if you do,
do leave every note like it was & it won't
be for grabs nomore...
now get it and listen,
it's worth it...


1 Egwundioma
2 Eje-anabu-isi


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kenya Partout ! vol.4 - Various Artists,
Playa Sound / Soul Posters 1976

I really got the taste of it, when listening to all that
marvelous benga while re-uploading, I couldn't resist
to do another. This is Kenya Partout vol.4, we had
volumes 1 and 6 earlier, great covers and hot music.
No need to try and find this one as a cd release.
Check that picture clicked upon, poor
girl has two flies in her face.


1 Owilla Lakeside Jazz - Wend mikeyini kabudha
2 Nyagowa Family Orchestra - Fibi odhiambo pt.1
3 Nyagowa Family Orchestra - Fibi odhiambo pt.2
4 Owilla Lakeside Jazz - Ogoma jagot ong'ielo
5 Lwanda Doho Jazz - Jotham owino
6 Owilla Lakeside Jazz - Gordon ogolo
7 Nyagowa Family Orchestra - Lawrence amollo & achieng' dory
8 Owilla Lakeside Jazz - Walter alago
9 Nyagowa Family Orchestra - Octaph p.okello & adoyo elly
10 Lwanda Doho Jazz - Ruth achieng'


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Global Sampler vol. 10
..and other Re-Ups.

To get rid of the fuss, I decided to slim down the GG
as much as necessary. Posts that caused minor conflicts
in the past are being of have been removed. We had a thing
over a bunch of Greensleeves recordings, reggae music.
The files I did re-up a few times and were deleted by Mediafire
before are for instance all Fruko lp's. Fela Kuti's 'Black President'
is for sale in the shops if I'm not mistaking. So anything that may
corrupt the GG or bring us in discredit is being removed. If anybody
has a complaint about a post, tell me now please, before I re-up.
The files I re-upped today are, on request the albums
with and by Joseph Kabasele or 'Grand Kalle'.
One other Celestine Ukwu and 34
Global Samplers, among which
this volume 10,


 1   Curtis Mayfield - Eddie you should know better
 2   Don Carlos and Gold - Ride on Christine
 3   Rail Band, Mory Kante - Sinsimba
 4   Papaíto - Al romper la aurora
 5   The Reds - Joey
 6   Martinho da Vila - Calango longo
 7   Sugar Minott - The people got to know
 8   Israel Vibration - Walk the streets of glory
 9   Lee Perry the Upsetter - Favourite dish
10  Barrington Levy - Look girl
11  Pacheco - La yerba brava
12  Mose se Sengo 'Fan Fan' - Cheko
13  Orquesta Revé - Ruñidera
14  Orchestre Rail Band de Bamako - Mali cèbalenw
15  Ikenga - Shakara school girl
16  Mahmoud Ahmed - Sedètègnash nègn, Samerayé


Celestine Ukwu Philosophers National -
Ilo Abu Chi, Philips 1974

Good morning, after all that hustle about streaming or not
streaming, let me tell you this. I asked Mr.Scott politely to
give an honest answer to my question. I asked him; tell me
which of the lp's posted here are in some way or another
causing a conflict with copyrights ? I want to cooperate
and remove every single lp that does. .First he refused to
answer me but kept sending comments to the GG. I told
him; "answer me or your comments will be blocked from
here. Again our nice Mr. Scott kept nagging about how
bad I am, sharing my old lp's with you, my dear fiends.
He is no longer getting through here, end of story !

Of course, as you know I am only interested in bragging
and showing off my great collection. You knew that already,
didn't you. The music it's self doesn't interest us right ?
Look what wonderful rare album I have ? I must be the
best collector in cyberspace, don't you agree ? Celestine
Ukwu's music comes in second place, okay it is nice
to listen to on your quiet sunday afternoon but
it's all just about me, me, me,
I am so good ! ( wwroaaagg..)

Shame that Stern's label, which I always promoted for
their fantastic work is now contaminated with
Iain Scott's nasty virus and
awful smell of money.
Shame, shame,


Friday, February 10, 2012

Tabu Ley et l'Afrisa International -
Rochereau vol.5,
Disco Stock 1982

Good evening groovers, last week I stated that I would begin
uploading the GG from the very beginning and in chronological
order. You know how it works, once you've made a promise
like that, plans change immediately. So I did a bunch of my
compilations and also worked back from the present. I did
do the first 20 or so but it seems hard to get there. Post #1
was on may 6, 2008. It was Victor Olaiya in the Sixties.
Once you're there, work your way up post by post..

What do we have new ? Okay, new is not exactly the word,
this one is from 1982 and a favourite. I always loved Rochereau's
wonderful voice and sound, this here lp makes no exception.
On the Discostock label from Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.
Just the thing for your fridaynight,
mellow yet passionate groove..


1 Jalousie mal placé
2 On a raconté
3 Mela
4 Maika


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rock a Mambo - African Retro vol.5
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Despite all tragic happenings in the past weeks I am also
happy that we can still go on doing what we did. I wonder
if our buddies Owl and Nauma are okay. Didn't hear a word
of them anymore. Leave us a message guys.

Meantime, a little reward for all our determination and patience.
This is a great album, the 1977 re-release of a probably 1966
predecessor. Sweet rumba from Congo's sixties with some
heroes of the days; Nino Malapet, Jean Essous and Dewayon.
remember, password=globalgroove
Bit by bit the older files re-appear. I am not hurrying but if you
want me to re-up something in particular, just leave a note and
I'll try to keep up with requests, thnx & hang on...


1 Les voyous
2 Mi cancion
3 Maria valente
4 Rumba quiero
5 Baila
6 Serenade sentimentale
7 Jalousie
8 Panchita
9 El rumba so
10 Esnghe zuke
11 Bonne annee
12 Oyambaka ngai


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prince Nico Mbarga and his New
Rocafil Jazz - Music Message,
Nico Records

Good evening,
Someone asked for that Nico Mbarga lp which shows in
my sleeve-face pic. It is a 'best of' with very familiar tracks
so I thought this one would be a better plan. This is Prince
Nico Mbarga with his New Rocafil Jazz, I do not know from
what year it comes. Anyhow, it was quite some time ago, we
had us an lp by the man so good idea to get him out here again.

This morning I started re-uploading the GG from the very beginning.
I now use another account, I change the name of the folder and use
password protection. To unpack, simply fill in 'globalgroove', and it goes.
Damn, I now realize how primitive I made the first posts. My sleeve-pics
are vague, no html yet, it really was necessary to upgrade some of the
older ones but it takes loads of time. I guess I spent about three hours
to re-up and reorganize some 13 lp's. It's better not to calculate how
long it will take to restore the whole damn thing. In the near future I
guess I'd better ask a couple of friends to help me. We'll work
something out. At least I made a beginning and that means
we're up and running again. I prefer to do it in chronological
order but can make an occasional exception of course.
Well, one way or another, let's just hope they won't
kick my files out ever again and
we'll get there eventually.


1   Tribalism
2   Ocheme emia
3   Music message
4   Man pass man


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Empire Bakuba - "Kwasa Kwasa",
Syllart Production

Goodmorning Groovers,
Attention please.
Pépé Kallé is here to wake you up, listen to him and to this !
Thanks everybody for sending me all those super supportive
reactions. Many of you have suggested to help me and re-upload
my old files. However, I think that when I start again, this is really
something I'd have to work out myself. One of you brought me to an
other idea. It was D.Sullivan who sent a message over to Mediafire,
requesting them to restore all my old files. A great gesture. I got
thinking, I already tried to make them reconsider for two times,
but as you already guess, no reaction.
If you my loyal visitors would ALL send an email to Mediafire,
asking them kindly, in your own persuasive manner, to Please
restore the files of deejaymoos@gmail.com , they probably
won't react again but we never know. With your extra weight
something might happen, we are with thousands and if we
do it all together, say this weekend, it is the last hope to
get back what we've lost. If nothing comes in return I'll
slowly start rebuilding myself. The Global Groove is
going to live on, one way or another !
So, what do you think ? Good idea right ?
Let's get to it, find all their e-mail adresses and
throw in the big one, bomb that mailbox with 'kind'
requests and let's see what comes out !
Thank you all for participating
in this last try to get
back what's ours.
Don't be rude.