Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Michele Leal and Zecalouro play 'Berimbau'

Good evening, I am going through some hardware problems at my regular
workplace at the moment so everything is hold up a bit. Some dear visitor
already thinks I am too slow, shit happens. In the meantime I have something
rather nice for fans of Brazilian music and in special the friends of Zecalouro.
He sent me this little video on which he performs with his friend Michele Leal.
Zeca plays the bass and be honest, he treats it righteous and with passion.
Thanks for the video Zeca, love it..


Anonymous said...

nice! and i'm so glad to be reminded of zecalouro, hope he's doing well!

Anonymous said...

I am one who rarely leaves comments, but THIS video REALLY moved me. So I used duckduckgo.com to find out anymore that I could about Michele Leal. She has a website and a new EP! Her voice is lovely and the music sweeps me away! Thanks for the video. I look forward to seeing her in concert or hearing a CD someday.

ledenn said...

Very Nice! Muito Obrigado!