Sunday, December 2, 2012

C.K. Mann & Kofi Yankson - Together !,
Essiebons Enterprises Ltd. 1977

Have you heard of C.K. Mann ? He works together with
Kofi Yankson and the All Masters on this album. Another
big name is Ebo Taylor who was responsible for the
arrangements on 'Wommaa Yensuo Mu', #4 of side one.
I am not sure if he performs on this album as well but
there's a good chance. Get it and spread it ! ..thnx..


1   Anwanwa do
2   Minyim a nkye mammba
3   Medze anyonkogor
4   Wommaa yensuo mu
5   Egya wo mba roko
6   Beyi fi yen do
7   Asem ato me
8   Biribiara botwam ako

C.K. Mann


Jossy said...

Thank you for this album.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for bringing me fond memories of my life in Ghana.
Thanks again.

esibo said...

Can't thank you enough. This is a rare one.

Anonymous said...

a request:

xalam - ade from 1979?


Kwabena Boakye said...

Thank You

Bali Booking said...

Its nice and beautiful blog

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Zen said...

Great album! Thanks for helping me get into highlife stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ghana elected a new president today. will use this to celebrate a peaceful election process.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers Moos. God bless you for what you are doing. Greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I have just finished listening to this record which I had never heard before & I thank you for the opportunity.

BarryB said...

Great stuff. I'm not surprised I've never heard of Mann; it's just amazing how much good music was being made and recorded in Ghana and neighboring countries at the time. Thank you for in turn making it available to us.