Sunday, November 25, 2012

Candelazos Curro vol. 8
con la Orquesta Melodia,
la Sonora Curro y el
Super Combo de Curramba,
Discos Curro

Good evening, the groove of today is going to be a Colombian
one. On Discos Curro we have us an album with songs by three
groups. Orquesta Melodia, La Sonora Curro and Super Combo
de Curramba. It is not exactly clear what band plays which song.
The cover does not give that information nor does the label of the
record. How ever they organised it, I don't really care. The music is
so hot, it makes one forget such futilities. So get it and spread it,
it is one of the hottest Colombian sounds I ever heard, enjoy..


 1   Palenquerita
 2   Arroz con coco
 3   Jalaito moreno
 4   Avivata
 5   El tigre pampanilla
 6   Pon tu mano en mi corazón
 7   Que toque rufo
 8   Ah... como no sabia
 9   Taki taki
10  La carestía
11  Moncho emiliani
12  No fumo

Palenquerita ( new link )


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

legrandmaitre said...

Tremendous - many thanks Moos! Can you imagine seeing some of these bands actually playing at the time?

Gypsy Maiden said...

Bangers! Gracias.

jdsmrr said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

this is great! i'm jumping around! thank you so much for sharing it -MB

nesty said...

por favor que alguen me ayude el link esta caido por favor este es mi correo

Anonymous said...

hi, great choice! but the link is dead only a few days after your post? kind regards

Anonymous said...

Hi, Any chance you could re up the link please???? Thanks

NYC KID said...

Hi, Could you please re up the link!!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

You are too slow!!!!!!!!!

Sjef said...

thanks for all the great music, it's really moving me.. and to the anonymous comment: be grateful for what you're being given!

Anonymous said...

Not working anymore :/

Anonymous said...

Reupload, please please !

Anonymous said...

link doesn't work anymore :(