Sunday, November 11, 2012

Congo, Tours de Force 9 & 10

Congolese post # 400 is here.
It would have been a real party
if all 400 would have working links
but nevertheless it is a happy post.
I've made us two compilations in the
Congo, Tours de Force series
and as always, I loved compiling them.
18 songs I love playing
and I hope you do too,
have fun..

vol.9, tracks;

1   Max Massengo - Masseke
2   le Canon du Zaïre - Monotonie
3   Daniel Engobo - Mag
4   La 'Mus' Africa - Atanazaudo kombo nangai
5   l'Orchestre Minzoto Wella-Wella - Pingula
6   Youlou Mabiala - Papy
7   Orchestre Super Tembessa - Yambi club tembessa
8   Minzoto ya Zaïre - Ilunga
9   Orchestre Bella-Bella - Lipua Lipua


vol.10, tracks;

1   Orchestre Shama-Shama - Mopaya loba
2   Nguashi Ntimbo & l'Orchestre Sentima - Citoyen pt.2
3   Celi Bittsu - Lassissi
4   Michel Boyibanda - Ba bijoux ya tchicaya
5   African Kings Pili Pili - Pepe pierrette
6   Orchestre Vévé - Sakumuna
7   Les Kamale - Salanga
8   l'Orchestre Bella Bella & Soki Vangu - Pambi ndoni
9   Johnny Bokelo Isenge - Liwa ya ndika somo



Anonymous said...

A heartfelt thankyou for your 400th post. So much wonderful music. mamboPete

Timothy said...

Thanks for the Congolese grooves. I join other groovers to celebrate this very special post.

Anonymous said...

Moos, I would like to respectfully ask for your blog's hand in marriage. I want to make many babies with Her. They will have Her eyes, and they will be beautiful, and I will cherish them, as I do Her.

All hail Moos, forever and ever, amen.

David said...

Congratulations on 400 COngolese posts! Most of us would not make 400 posts in TOTAL, so 400 in one category must be an extra-special number!! Long live GG !

Apurva Bahadur said...

Congratulations for this great achievement Deejay Moos. Many thanks for the joy you have shared with us. Apurva from Pune, India.

Anonymous said...

Moos joe da man indeeedy!!!

and i know joe dont do requests but if joe ever feel like it --> Congo vol.8 is missing in my collection Congo [Tours de Force] [I have vol. 1 to vol. 7 and now vol. 9 & vol. 10]..

would be super to be able to complete this super round of the global groove!!!

moos said...

okay, no prob for this time, grab it here..

African Music Recycler said...

hi moos,
beautiful selected pieces as always!

thx a lot!!!!

congratulation for the first 400's Congolese posts,
but not to forget all the others around our world!
(more than great 10000s !! songs, incl. Ramdog's)


Anonymous said...

Moos... thnx for vol. 8...!!! i'm super happy!!!

really joe made my day complete... i am such a dedicated follower!!!!!

Boebis said...

yes! thanks a lot Moos!! Happy 400th post birthday!

Anonymous said...

Deejay Moos.....merci beaucoup for tha good job sir.if only you would come to my rescue on this one chief................................


John B. said...

Watch Congo na Bisso rip these off too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! And thanks for all the incredible music you've shared, music that will keep us grooving all around the world.

Anonymous said...

fantastic job, good sir! those chimchimey guitars and tempo changes are killer. thanks, thanks, and more thanks! now, gotta step outside and see some more shooting stars... you take care...

Anonymous said...

I love Congo Tours de Force 9 and 10 and heard some bands I was not familiar with before, thank you!

bigsteveno said...

So beautiful.