Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big Star - # One Record & Radio City,
Line Records 1990

When watching one of my favourite TV shows last night, they
had quite a nice surprise. Tim Knol, a Dutch singer appeared
with Jody Stephens, one of the original members of Big Star.
For many an unknown group from the early seventies. They
only existed a couple of years but made some very nice
records. I thought it would be something else for a change
to post some pop music from the old days. Towards the end
of the year I always tend to play loads of different styles of
music. Variation is a must for me, it helps to remain sharp.
So if you saw DWDD last night as well and wondered about
the rest of the material, check this,
hope U like,..


 1   Feel
 2   The ballad of el goodo
 3   In the stree
 4   Thirteen
 5   Don't lie to me
 6   The india song
 7   When my baby's beside me
 8   My life is right
 9   Give me another chance
10  Try again
11  Watch the sunrise
12  St 100/6
13  O my soul
14  Life is white
15  Way out west
16  What's going ahn
17  You get what you deserve
18  Mod lang
19  Back of a car
20  Daisy glaze
21  She's a mover
22  September gurls
23  Morpha too
24  I'm in love with a girl

Big Star

P.S. this two lp's on one cd was released in 1990 on 'Line Records'.
Oh, I forgot to add the tracklist and correct photo to the rar-file
you can copy them from here..


Kurt said...

Hey Moos,

Quite a surprise seeing Big Star here. Mighty fine songs, that's for sure.

African Music Recycler said...

Hi moos.
Thank you for the music !!

here you can find the video "Big Star - Thirteen unplugged" from the DWDD broadcast.


Zen said...

This is the last place I'd expect to snag this, but much thanks all the same!