Thursday, October 25, 2012

Orchestre Sinza Kotoko - Lélé,
Edition Music Control

We had some of their albums already but this one is quite different.
The tracks are all melted together like we see on many lp's from
Nigerian and Ghanaian bands. Their lp '10 Ans d'Animation' has the
same kind of structure. I am not sure if the line-up on this lp includes
the participation of the Moutouari brothers Michel and Kosmos. The
cover does not give us any useful information on the subject. Their
names do not appear as writers anyway. It is said that this group
once originated the 'Soukous' dance', however on this here lp it
seems the 'Cavacha' dance with it's swift light drums was still
dominant. Soukous was not born yet. Although the sound
quality is not perfect, + two nasty pops at the b-side,
an lp worth it's while for lovers of the genre.


1   Lélé
-    Bilanga sé bilanga
-    Musicien yé nani
-    Papi
2   Mama na blood
-    Elu ya motema no.2
-    Badi-landou
-    N'bonguela-mwana
-    Kidiba



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Moos. within a few posts you will reach the 4th hundred Congolese album. what an achievement. and for me, within a few weeks I will be back (if anyone is familiar with or interested in Ratje Toe anyway)

thank you. Richard

soukousman said...

Soukous comes from the word "secourer" which is French to "shake". However, the real genre of Soukous wasn't born until the mid 70's. Many people will argue and say Tabu Ley was the creator but neither is that true.

soukousman said...

But the rhythm indeed is infectious Cavacha.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

ralf2152 said...

Thanks to "Moos" to continue in the struggle not to let the jewels disappear africa.

Thanks to Shad "Soukousman" for your information.

The friend "Richard" (ratje toe) will be waiting to continue sharing good music.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much — do you know the year for this? I can't make out any of the details on the jpg of the back.