Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Opambuo International Band of Ghana
led by Leo Nana Agyeman -
Show Me Your Love,
Niger Bridge 1981

Fellow groovers goodmorning, ever since the GG started
in may 2008, we haven't been working in such a slow pace.
The reason of course is the current situation in which I am
affraid to loose the content I've been working on so long.
Some of the dear blogs of colleague bloggers have just
dissappeared and it would be a real shame if that happened.
I am working on a new site but it takes quite some time to
realize. Meanwhile we keep posting stuff using the very
acceptable service of Zippyshare,
hang on, we'll get there..

Today I ripped an lp by a group of which we had three lp's
so far. A real treat of Ghanaian highlife made by one of the
style's masters; Leo Nana Agyeman and his Opambuo Inter-
national Band of Ghana. The others are temporarily unavailable
due to dead links but as I told you, it's all gonna come back.
For now, enjoy this fine work and hang on in there, cheers.


1   Show me your love
2   Amma ghana
3   Me wu de ka agyamo
4   Hu anim ase nkyene
5   Nsuo ayire me



Sinjoro Jillem said...

Bedankt Moos. A Highlife beauty!

Barron said...

Very nice, Moos. Thank you!

Marrakech tours said...

nice blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Moos,
Very good job done. I really appreciate Ghanaian Highlife music. Thank you very much.

David said...

All best to you Moos. It's easy for us to hang on in there - we just wait & download - but don't worry we all know where the best place to come is, and we'll keep checking back!! David

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Kwabena Boakye said...

Had this from another site sometime ago but am still taking it anyway... Thanks Moos

Kwabena Boakye said...

This is just one of the 101 reasons to love Opambuo Internationals and Ghanaian music made in Nigeria ... Ghanaian vocals on nigerian instrumentation for the "show me your love" track.... Something different from the usual Ghanaian highlife trending at that time... and then he goes back to the Ghanaian style and perfects it on the other tracks...the high guitar pitches on "hu anim ase nkyene" shows how creative and versatile this band is... Never boring .... Am looking forward to another album from this band on the global groove soon

Saša Ostoja said...

Hey, what's the pass?

Cheers S