Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Errol 'Flabba' Holt -
Roots Radics Dub

( 2nd photo, the original Roots Radics,
3rd photo, Israel Vibration & Roots Radics in
the Amsterdam 'Melkweg', october 2, 2012 )

Yesterday evening I went to a concert of Israel Vibration in the
Amsterdam 'Melkweg'. They appeared with the Roots Radics
and pulled of a wonderful show. Ever since the departure of
Apple, I guess in 1997, the once so famous trio turned to
continue as a duo. I must say Skelly and Wiss made a
huge entree and had the Melkweg at their feet. Remarkable
was the fact they had three microphones while singing with
two. As if they meant to say; " Whenever you feel like it,
Apple, you're welcome to join us again.."  Absolutely
marvelous to find Errol 'Flabba' Holt and Dwight Pickney
( I thought it was Bingy Bunny ) still performing in the band
they founded in the seventies. After the show I had the
pleasure of meeting with Errol 'Flabba' Holt and be able to
tell him what a star and heroe he is.
An evening to remember, listen to an oldie,
Flabba in dub,...yes I.... seen.. ?


 1   Flabba dub
 2   Screw face dub
 3   Bronx bommers
 4   Macka dub
 5   Ark special
 6   Satta dub
 7   Criple man scank
 8   Rub a dub style
 9   Murder dub
10  Super special dub



Sinjoro Jillem said...

Bedankt Moos. Wicked Reggae!!

High School Diploma Online said...

well i rarely leaves comment on any site but your blog is really so amazing that i can't stop myself from making comment on it...

Anonymous said...

Morge Moos,

Helaas is Bingy Bunny al meer dan 10 jaar niet meer onder ons.
Het Dwight Pickney bro D on stage.
Te gek dat je met Flabba heb gesproken.

Groet Ras Lion

moos said...

Oooops, really ? I am such a donkey sometimes, sorry Dwight and Bingy...

Barron said...

Nice to know the Melkweg is still in business. I saw Jan Akkerman there in 1980 (on my only visit to the Netherlands) with a host of equally talented friends whose names were unfamiliar. Great show in a wonderful venue.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Jan said...

7Bedankt Moos. Mooie post

Anonymous said...


here is vid with Errol Flabba doing a super cool dance instruction at 3:49 he is super cool and funny

Tego said...

check Flabba Holt on facebook - and the dance moves in the video above are killer