Monday, October 15, 2012

Don Carlos & Gold and the Gladiators
Show Down vol. 3, Empire Records 1984

A treat from Empire Records in 1984 was this here record.
Some of the tracks had already been released as singles.
5 tracks by Don Carlos & Gold and 5 by the Gladiators
and we've got us this delightful slice of vinyl. I love the way they
had the a-side mixed by 'Chemist' and the b-side by 'Scientist',
two great dub-masters. Listen ...


Side-a, Don Carlos & Gold,
 1   Black out in the ghetto
 2   Fight fight
 3   Roots rock party
 4   Travelling so long
 5   Not giving up

 Side-b, The Gladiators,
 6   A nuh everything
 7   That nuh right
 8   Can't stop righteousness
 9   Call me if you need me
10  You can't say that I'm lying



Funky Trev said...

Hi man, not sure how to downnload this great album. I clicked the link and zippy wants me to download an exe file for ilivid......? i normally just download the file using winrar. Sorry !

Sinjoro Jillem said...

Bedankt Moos, Top Tracks from the The Gladiators!