Saturday, October 13, 2012

Afro International de Mimi Ley,
Editions VeVe International

After spending six years with Franco's OK Jazz, Kiamanguana
Verckys, the 'raucous honking' sax player, set up Orchestre
Vévé and went on producing some of the hard core bands of the
Congolese seventies new wave. This lp is a product of that episode.
We see Verckys performing a quality check at the 'Izason' record
factury in Kinshasa ( in jeans ). Verckys' productions on the 'Editions
VeVe International' label are highly recommended and this one by
Afro International de Mimi Ley is no exception. I can't tell you
anything about the artist but the music speaks for it's self.
Get it and spread it..


1   Ngouashi
2   Alitalia
3   Couleur preferable
4   Kisimbi



Kurt said...

Thanks as always Moos.

"Mimi Ley" is also the name one of my favorite Tabu Ley songs. Do you think there is a link?

moos said...

I was also wondering, I always thought Mimi Ley was Tabu Ley related in some way,...who can tell us ?

soukousman said...

Mimi Ley indeed participated in the orchestre of Afrisa International alongside Tabu Ley and a couple others in the 70's. Safi Zena which was part of the LP that has the original Sorozo (1978) was a composition by Mimi Ley sang by Madilu System who was also part of Afrisa before departure to Franco & TPOK Jazz.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Moos for more of your great shares.

chris meserve/boxengo said...

You really do such a nice job of getting seriously enjoyable African and Latin music up here on the net, not just the flavor of the moment. Thank you. Golbal Groove, O-Yeh.

Apurva Bahadur said...

Thank you from sharing. Apurva from Pune, India.

DJ Daudi said...

Hi Moos. The other guy on the album cover is Shiko Mawatu.
He wrote a number of great songs for this band and, of course, added some absolutely wonderful solo guitar.

Stéph said...

Hi Moos !
Thanks for this record.
You seem to really love Afrika, maybe you woul'd like the pictures I tooke in Benin and Togo this year too. You can see them here :

Rhythm Connection said...

Really, really nice, Moos. Thanks! And sorry it took so long to digest and compliment.