Sunday, September 23, 2012

King Sunny Adé & his African Beats
Togetherness ( Ka Jo Se )
Sunny Alade Records Ltd. 1984

Good day to you groovers, yesterday, 22nd of september was
the birthday of this here star. King Sunny Adé who made a huge
pile of records turned 66 years of age. Unfortunately the links are
still dead and waiting for a second or third life at the GG. This is
an lp from 1984, just after his big European breakthrough.
Let's celebrate by giving it a worldwide spin,
happy birthday King Sunny !


1   Ebe la nbe eledumare
-    Ida'lu nise'lu
-    Idunne wa ni
-    Eje kajo se
2   Mo dupe ore temi
-    Ojojumo l'aje npawo
-    Ere oge
-    Ariya la nse


P.S. Hang on in there,
the Global Groove will also
get a second life some day
in the near future. we're
working on it..


Anonymous said...

Thanks Moos.


Pigeon said...

Up to beat... let's celebrate!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Moos. Great music! I don't know how you do to select these sweet african music! I really enjoy! Thanks once more

Goofy said...

Take all the time you Moos!

Anonymous said...

More KSA, I can not find anywhere else.
Thank you very much!

quique ruiz said...

Thanks a lot for this great african music. It's impossible to get this material in Mexico...

Anonymous said...

Hello Moos

Here's a few photos from KSA's birthday

Thomo said...

Moos, you star! Once again....

Happy (belated) birthday to the King.

ps: great news about a revitalisation of the blog. Avidly watching the space

Anonymous said...

I am anxiously waiting for the King Sunny Ade links to be refreshed. You are the only one who has them. All of the other blogs link here.

I understand that you are busy and have much music to post, so I will wait.

Anonymous said...

Here are pictures from the night party of KSA's 66th birthday

throbule said...

Many thanks for you wonderful post of this great album.
Unfortunately the rar file is asking me for a password, which I can not find here.
Perhaps you have added passwords for some items, so can you assist me with the correct password for the Sunny Ade one here:
"King Sunny Adé & his African BeatsTogetherness ( Ka Jo Se )Sunny Alade Records Ltd. 1984".
Many thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

Please ignore my post of Nov 12. I realised that the password is right there on your blog.
Thanks again!