Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chuíto - El Decano de Los Cantores,
vol.5, Ansonia

From Puerto Rico we have us another album by the great Chuíto.
He performs a style called 'jíbaro' of which we had several other
lp's. The most famous artists in this genre must be 'Ramito',
'Chuíto', 'Odilio Gonzalez' and 'German Rosario'. I love
the pure and honest instrumentation in this type of
sound, the years in which Ansonia released these
albums are to be guessed but that doesn't spoil
the fun of listening to them, enjoy.


 1   El regreso de la vieja voladora
 2   Santo nombre de jesus
 3   En amor no pego una
 4   Seguire tu amor
 5   Si yo fuera mozo
 6   El jaragual
 7   Manjares navideños
 8   Ni hablar del peluquin
 9   La joya de los campanos
10  Para mi no hay navidad
11  Morire como mojica
12  El cotorro y la cotorra



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Hello Moos

I'm glad that you are not letting them delete your posts keep you going on. Today is King Sunny Ade's 66th birthday. Can you post one of his albums to celebrate him. Thanks