Sunday, July 1, 2012

Manfila Kanté présente,
Mamadi Diabaté et les Ambassadeurs -
"a Pas de Géant", Kaba Production

It's been a while since we had us some music from Mali.
Mamadi Diabate and Les Ambassadeurs are here to
fill in the gap. I am absolutely not the one to tell you
all about these musicians but I do know one thing,
this is a hell of a record and worth a couple of
spins. I'm sure it will make your sunday.
Don't forget, play and spread..


1   Moriba kaba
2   Yeke yeke
3   Iye iye
4   Talassa



novum said...

dear mister groove,
i really enjoy african beats but most of the time i can´t stand the singing.. could you please name some lps with nice instrumentals on it?

btw you have build an impressive blog.
have a nice sunday!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

moos said...

..I'm affraid the only way is to learn to appreciate African voices, it's like eating olives, you'll end up loving it..

Jaime said...

Beautiful post. Many many thanks.

nick said...

This definitely made my Sunday. I have a feeling I'll be playing the first cut all summer long. Thank you for this!

reservatory said...

Very cool, but then again I've always loved olives.

Nicky Vour said...

Great! Thanx :)

mela.... said...

Thank you

A little more information about ...

NGONI said...

Yes,it's been a while since we had us some music from Mali.
This was fantastic, I'm now enjoying it again, thanks.

I hope you have saved another Mandingo treasure to surprise us, in this new July.

David said...

Lovely record. Really enjoyable, especially in warm sunshine we are (finally) getting in N Europe!