Friday, July 6, 2012

Conjunto Estrellas Africanas
de Dexter Johnson, vol.1, Disco Stock

Born Nigerian, Dexter Johnson made his fortune in Senegal,
he was one of the founders of the legendary Star Band. They
played in several clubs in 60's Dakar. After that Johnson
moved to Abidjan where he worked for the Record label
Disco Stock. This is one of the lp's he made there.
With Cuban violin player Alfredo Delafe and singer
Raymond Fernandez they formed 'Estrellas Africanas'.
Dexter Johnson who later also worked with Manu
Dibango and Monte Adentro was a monument of
African music and died in 1977, listen.


1   Estrellas africanas
2   Palomina mwanga
3   Asi tocamos guajira
4   Descarga africana
5   La vida continua



Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a nice record to dream that the sun would shine, the woman in your arms would smile to you and peace would be everywhere. I love all your posts very much, but unfortenately there is very often not the time in my reality to listen to all as I would like. And the sun is not shining, the woman not smiling and no peace under african stars.
This is a very beautiful record, I have not known before, but now I dont want miss it the whole day. Thank you.

dailyleftover said...

this record is the bomb - Dexter Johnson blows the clouds from the sun - everywhere

African Music Recycler said...

liebe Grüße aus Wien nach Amsterdam


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Anonymous said...


What was the release date for this?