Saturday, June 30, 2012

Youlou Mabiala,
les Trois Frères, MX Production

The more I listen to Youlou Mabiala's compositions, the
more I like them. His music gets better all the time and
is therefore predetermined to live on for ever. I am only
helping to spread the word. How about this lp with
Les Trois Frères ? Isn't it just wonderful ? Better
don't miss it and pass it on to whoever
likes it. I certainly do !


1   Papy
2   Ma vie, la vie
3   Kumbe, kumbe
4   Petit cherie
5   Seli go



Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Apurva Bahadur said...

Great stuff Moos. Global Groovers! Start the countdown - we are so very close to the 400 mark for Congolese albums on this blog. Apurva from Pune, India.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what a super fantastic blog! I tried to research the release date of this record. It seems to be 1977, from what I see in the French Wikipedia entry: "En mai 1977, Youlou et Boyimbanda quittent OK Jazz. Avec Loko Massengo "Djeskain" de Sosoliso, ils montent à Brazzaville l'orchestre Les Trois Frères. Le hit de Youlou Koumbe koumbe constitue l'acte fondateur du nouvel ensemble. Le succès est tout de suite au rendez-vous. En quelques mois, Les Trois Frères s'imposent comme le groupe musical numéro un du Congo. L'année 1978 est l'occasion pour Youlou de larguer un nouveau hit : Saley. En dépit de la réussite artistique, les divergences apparaissent rapidement dans l'orchestre."

Anonymous said...

This is a great record. My wife doesn't always love what I download here, but she really enjoys this one. Thanks so much!