Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peacocks Guiter Band -
Abiriwa, EMI

It's time for Nigerian highlife. I walked into our little
village about a week ago and found the annual record-
market in the centre of town. Somehow they always
neglect to announce this in a proper way so it has
become an annual surprise. Anyway, it is a very
welcome surprise and especially this year. I got
lucky again walking against some rare records.
This is one of my finds. Peacock's Guiter Band
led by Raphael Amarabem comes in at the GG
with this EMI release, don't know from what
year, if you do please tell us.
now listen..


 1   Eddie quansa
 2   Okpa aku erieri
 3   Dan njemanze
 4   Egwu mgbashiriko
 5   Jiji
 6   Uba awuu nwa
 7   Jesus christ
 8   This girl
 9   Iwa anya
10  Abasi o. mokop



Alkis Giamalis said...

Cortez says it's from 1972 and from Nigeria

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another excellent post. By the way, this music is not from Ghana. The record comes from Nigeria, Igbo to be exact. The Peacocks hail from Owerri in Igboland much like the Oriental Brothers who were their direct competition in the 70s, before the Orientals eventually eclipsed them. said...

You had me laughing with your claim that Peacocks International band was of Ghana. No sir, they were/are Nigerians, mostly from Owerri in Imo state. The album was made in 1974, not 1972. It was a great hit then and now too. It is a classic.
Cheers and thanks for posting and sharing it.

moos said...

I must have been sleeping, better change this label from Ghana to Nigeria than..thanks guys..

Funkmysoul said...

Hi there, Thanks for the music.
i just link you. link me too if you please.

zeporro said...

thanks moos for this excellent album.


Thom said...

Ooh, lovely!

gypsykat said...

I gave this one a good listen on a road trip across Colorado yesterday.
Most excellent!

Thank you, Moos.

Lg said...

Thanks very much for that one