Friday, June 15, 2012

Los Ahijados - de Nuevo,
Discolor Records 4372, 1976

Here's another lp by the brothers Martin and Cuco Valoy,
better known as Duo Los Ahijados. Being from the Dominican
Rep. theirselves, they were famous for their voicing of Cuban music.
Very relaxed sound, perfect for your summer pick-nick & such..


 1   Timoteo
 2   Bembeteo
 3   Dime como estas
 4   Llevame contigo
 5   Doña vereda
 6   Caminito
 7   La tia quedada
 8   No pienses en mi
 9   La receta del curandero
10  El reclamo de un obrero



Gustavo said...

thanx for the post. quick correction: they're from the Dominican Republic so, it's either "Being Dominicans..." or "Being from the Dominican Republic...".

moos said...


yoyo said...

thanks a lot for this one

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Gary2 said...

What's the chance on getting an updated link on the Dominican grooves? None of them seem to be around anymore.