Sunday, June 10, 2012

Les Merveilles du Passé No.1 par
Maître Franco de mi Amor et l'O.K. Jazz,
african 360.010, 1969

Here's a record we've all been waiting for. It's the no.10
in 'african's 360.000 series. Maître Franco de mi Amor,
funny name like this, appears once again and with an
important album. I saw that Bolingo's 'african' discography
was also still searching for it's cover, well here it is. It has
a green version of 'african's label which is normally orange.
Another 10 of his wonderful compositions to complete
our Franco collections a bit more.
Better don't miss..


 1   Nani apedalaki te
 2   Accident ya cherie
 3   Bomboko awuti na new york
 4   Mbongo zi ya voni
 5   Nazongi lelo
 6   Ngai marie nzotu ebeba
 7   Linzanza ebongi na langi
 8   Mbanda ozui kizungu-zungu
 9   Fuala mbombu ngulu kadia
10  Nakobombela cherie



Jorge Cerqueira said...

hi. just read watch you wrote about no-reups on request. sorry i haven't read. and thanks for this cd o/

Anonymous said...

A rare treasure--thank you very much!

reservatory said...

Danke Thanks Gracias Merci!

libodo said...

Un nouveau coup de maître pour Moos !

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

FrancoPepeKalle said...

DJ Moos, you are a legend. You got another masterset of great music being made here. Grand Maitre Franco. He made some great songs during the 1960s. I hope I can find more Franco songs to show my people.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff...another of the numerous firstssss.....Merci master Moos!!!

Anonymous said...

big thanks big man

Mike D. said...

Heya Moos,

How's it going?

Mike D.

moos said...

Everything is going fine Mike, thanks for asking. Still have loads of dead links on the blog, that's a shame but we'll get there eventually..meanwhile we keep up the spirit by having new posts on a regular basis.. hang on..

Apurva Bahadur said...

Thank you so much Moos. Apurva from Pune, India.

Choco said...

Brilliant. Thanks a million Moos!!