Thursday, June 7, 2012

Conjunto Chappotín - Perlas del Son,

Conjunto Chappottín and his Stars was founded in 1950: African
Cuban tres-guitarist, composer and bandleader, Arsenio Rodriguez,
known as el Ciego Maravilloso, or the Marvelous Blind One, had settled
in New York to recover his vision. He decided from there that his All Stars
band, which he left in Cuba during his 1948 move to New York, should be
transferred into the professional care of his first trumpetist, Felix Chappottín.
From that moment, the original Arsenio Rodriguez All Stars band was
transformed into Conjunto Chappottín y sus Estrellas. The group was Led by
Felix Chappottín with Luis (Lili) Martinez Grinan as the arranger and Miguelito
Cuni the lead singer. Under the leadership of Felix Chappottín, only to be
compared with Louis Satchmo Armstrong, the band rose to international
fame, moving and amusing dancers in different parts of the world.
( info from AfroCubaWeb )

We already had some of their work here.
I bought this lp from a friend who used to collect Cuban music with passion.
One day when he was in need of money, he sold me his entire collection
with the idea to buy it back some other time. Unfortunately Dirk has left
this world a couple of years ago. I am taking care of the music, keeping it
together and sharing some of it with you, like today. Hope U like.

I found that the same lp was also released with
a different cover, as shown in small picture,
don't know which one was the original.


 1   Romance fatal
 2   Que se fuñan
 3   Cienfuegos tiene mi guaguanco
 4   Canto al monte
 5   Yo si como candela
 6   Nosotros los amalianos
 7   Jala la pata
 8   Pa bachatear
 9   Y del vedado que
10  Yo soy tiburon
11  Los jovenes de la defensa
12  A bailar con la guajira



ajnabi said...

Wow, that's a great post and what a good way to keep your friend's spirit and passion alive.

Anonymous said...

Love this! - Conjunto Chapottin's trumpets take no prisoners. They're still going strong decades on, still raising the roof - thanks for sharing! mamboPete

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

African Music Recycler said...

Hi moos.
Thank you for all !! your posts.

yoyo from listentoyourears posted this album with the different cover (hires) here.
i guess yours was first.


theoddvark said...

Thanks Moos -- as always, great stuff. (-:

symbolkid said...

great wonderful music! thank you very much!

Ben The Balladeer said...

Please repost. I have not visited for awhile.

Ben The Balladeer said...

Can you please repost, albums by them.
I have not visited for a while.
You're still going strong.