Friday, May 18, 2012

Okukuseku International Band of Ghana -
Take Time, Rogers All Stars 1982

Oh yes my musical friends, Chief Sammy Kofi is back at the GG
with a truly splendid album. The more I hear from him, the more I like
it. On Nigeria's 'Rogers All Stars' comes another lp by this Ghanaian
highlife group that thrilled loads of visitors already, don't miss.
Being a fanatic heretic I am very glad with title number three
Awurade yesu wich means, life's much
better without jesus !

To everybody asking for re-ups I want to say once more;
"I am not re-uploading my dead links on request.
Every once in a while when I feel like it, I shall re-up
strictly what I want to on that particular moment !
Sorry 'bout that, it's simply too much..."

read this if you missed it


1   Take time
2   Onyame na oye
3   Awurade yesu
4   Odo bye-bye
5   San bra
6   Obra



Anonymous said...

My oh My, another Sammy Kofi, you are the perfect provider for good music on this for me a glorious morning. Thank you very much. I fully agree with your comments.
No God, and No begging for music. Life is so easy when one takes it as it comes. and enjoy when one finds another unknown beauty.
thanks Richard

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Dr.Frank said...

Great album by one of my favourite old school highlife artists, thanks! But unfortunately for you, "Awurade Yesu" doesn't mean "life is better without Jesus" but "Lord Jesus" instead (Awurade = Lord). Kofi Sammy is a Christian and he often refers to God in his songs, just like in song nr.2 "Onyame na oye" meaning "God is good".

moos said...

I hate spoils a good album..

Anonymous said...

some of the titles of African System orchestra or Oliver de Coque suggest they are singing praise to slaughter warlords. I won't let the religious stuff spoil a good album. You have told numerous times your personal disgust with religion, so I think I understand that you cannot turn away once you know it.....
so much other music to enjoy

thanks for the anibal re-up


Kwabena Boakye said...

thank you seem to know very well what i want...i'll keep coming here for more...thanks