Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lokassa ya..m'bongo?. - Assitou,
Special 81, Passeport Music of Africa,
Disc Orient DO 015, 1981

On this 5th of may, a national day of celebration in the Netherlands,
I want to give you this special lp. I found it at the last recordfair in
Utrecht. The dealer made me pay quite a price and at first I didn't
want to but after some discussion it did change owners. Produced
in Côte d'Ivoire it is an album one does not get the chance to find
easily. With Asi Kapela - vocals, Lukau Jean Jules - guitar solo,
Ringo Moya Lotula - drums, Mamana Antoine - bass guitar and
Keletingui Papus - bass & vocals. Lokassa - accomp. guitar.
The lp is a bit crackly and has a few pops but it's not that
disturbing, the b-side has an uncentered middle hole
that makes it sound a bit false towards the end.
Still, I'd say give it a go, rare and wonderful
Lokassa ya M'bongo material,
I'm a huge fan.


1   Assitou
2   Angelique
3   Sabina



Apurva Bahadur said...

Wow! Many thanks. Apurva from Pune, India.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing what you do, even in the face of adversity

soukousman said...

Ahh the grand Lokassa real name Denis Kasiya one of the greatest rhythm guitar players in the history of music. Did you know that at an early age he learned the mi-compose technique from Dr. Nico's brother Dechaud. There was an story on how the two meet and how he trained young Lokassa and from his own creativity evaluated the skills on his own and eventually the rest is history. He has played in African All Stars, Tabu Ley's African Fiesta which made the transformation into Afrisa International, Soukous Stars and an few more bands before that. Thanks Moos you da man!

FrancoPepeKalle said...

Lokassa Ya Mbongo, the top 5 rhythm guitarists that ever has lived. He made a impact on Congolese music. His music is raw and unique. Good day to Netherlands.

zim said...

I don't say thank you as as often as I should here, but thank you for this. It is indeed a special one.

Anonymous said...

thanks moos well album....ojala upload of prince nico mbarga...

El Puerco Rojo said...

Lokassa is always worth a stop by. Great post, many thanks. Never heard an album under his own name.