Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cornell Campbell - Money,
Live & Learn Records 1983

In 1983 I was completely captured by reggae music. This
one by Cornell Campbell got played a hell of a lot. Listen
to his wonderful songs and agree, timeless music..


1   You're my lady
2   Mister DJ
3   Your love
4   Stranger in love
5   Oh rastaman
6   You need sympathy
7   Don't try to break
8   Money



Anonymous said...

I am a long time follower of your blog and I have picked a lot of amazing stuff here.

Today I realised I have never thanked you.


Anonymous said...

as well moos did not understand what you meant here "Nico Mbarga got downloaded 2 times..
I'm sorry for the poor choice.."

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

jan duinkerken said...

thank you for Nico Mbatga!!

jan duinkerken said...

Thank you very much for Nico Mbarga!!!

Anonymous said...

On Prince Nico, I tried to download it but the download has failed every single time......Will keep on trying though...

Kaleb said...

So good!

gypsykat said...


I'm sure your lukewarm comments about Nico were the reason it wasn't downloaded more.

Thanks for doing what you do. I would never have heard any of this stuff without your efforts.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to listening to this - thank you!

As for the Nico Mbarga LP - lovely.

I've never heard a poor choice on your blog - the quality is high, the music deep....

What is poor? I don't always leave a comment to thank you or discuss - apologies!

M (Alba)

El Puerco Rojo said...

Cornell Campbell - one of Jamaica's great soul voices! Love the man! Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks,So amazing.