Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey
& his Inter-Reformers Band -
Oluwa Ni Olusa Agutan Mi,
Decca 1978

I wonder how many albums he made, this is number 21 or
so in my collection alone. Allmost every recordhunt ends
with another one or two of his great lp's. I am very fond
of Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey's rhythmsection.
Listen to those subtle beats, zooming bass
and sweet vocal harmony, sure to find
more of them in the future.
with KSA, Nigeria's
no.1 juju master..


1   Oluwa ni olusa agutan mi
-   Oluwa lose ileri fun mi
-   Baiye ngbogun
-   Olu orun wa gbotiwa
-   Iwaju ogun eyin ogun laiye
-   Emi o sin o
2   To be fe lowo laiye
-   Tani ma mole
-   Chief o.b.akinolugbade
-   Iwa eda loluwa nwo
-   Ranti olanrewaju
-   Adebayo kazeem



moos said...

ajnabi has left a new comment on your post "Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey& his Inter-Reformers...":

Thanks for the music Moos. Love Obey more and more after first discovering him 30 years ago. Found his sound a bit challenging but you're is subtle and sublime rhythms. And his guitar playing aint' half bad too.

FrancoPepeKalle said...

I enjoy this man. Keep posting more of this man. Africa OYE.

Afro said...

Hey bro can somone tells me what s the password?

Afro said...

Hey bro can u tell me please the password of this post?

Afro said...

Hey bro can tell please the passwor for this post?

Omo Odudua said...

I'm being honest when I say I'm a lil bit surprised when I see how much people appreciate music from my people despite not understanding our language. The music is "sweet" but it's pure bliss to understand and sing along. Obey especially was well known for the philosophical content of his music.

Anonymous said...

Excellent choice, as ever! I'm very glad, Moos, that you (and this invaluable blog) survived all the mayhem at the start of 2012. Have a great time at Vondelpark and elsewhere! The Chairman

moos said...

hey Bro, can you read ?
than read the f***ing page !
the password is all over it...

Afro said...

Oh sorry I haven t read a side ...thanx 4 d password...Please give us more Juju Im specialy looking an album Ive lost "Play for me " by Segun Adewale..It would be nice if u could post....Great songs ...great blog....thanx a lot bro!

Afro said...

Thanx bro...please post more Juju specialy from Segun Adewale and Dele Abiodon

ledenn said...

Everyday, I am thankful for folks like you. You are peacemakers. Thank you for helping us all become closer to each other.
The music you share is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that you really are a true blessing to the music lovers in this world. You are a GEM!!


Anonymous said...

thanks moos...upload a album of prince nico mbarga....I like this music...

sulingman said...

Wow, you know I love Ebenezer, but ESPECIALLY his Inter-Reformers. Thanks so much for adding even more variety to my top shelf! THANK YOU.

David said...

Definitely the most cheerful, relaxed, almost easy-listening album from Obey I've heard. A great pleasure. Thank you Moos!